Video! Odd Future – Sandwitches (Live on Jimmy Fallon)


Here’s Odd Future’s TV debut, featuring Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats performing “Sandwitches” with the help of The Roots. Tyler clearly stated his goal with this performance: “I want to scare the fuck out of old white fucking people that live in Middle fucking America.” Pretty safe to say, mission accomplished. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this entertained by a late night talk show performance. And I missed this live, so I have no idea what the fuck Mos Def was doing there, but swag. Watch the performance after the jump…

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  • ozmania101

    hahahaha that was crazy

  • HD

    Yo MosDef had me ROLLINGGG!!!

  • jesussanchez

    This is a pretty wonderful moment for music.

  • frogs&helicopters

    hahaha what da FUCK did I just watch.

    sidenote: The Roots are ridiculously talented, they kill it with ANY act that comes on that show

  • CK

    hahahahahaha that was the epitome of awesome

  • mr206

    yo that was fuckin bugged out!!! CRAZY!

  • Buddy Blank

    I can’t wait for Tuesday, I’m going to see them live. If I don’t leave with an injury, I’ll be disappointed.

  • Owen

    I absolutely loved that, love what Ive heard from tyler the creator, and most of all love the feeling that I might be seeing/hearing something important going down in the world of music. Thats just vibrant exciting music and we dont get enough of that anymore. Im fired up for this “odd future” crew.

    ps Whoever that backing band was pretty damn good too ;)

  • lojack805


  • iCod

    wolves were harmed in the making of that clip.

  • Barry

    not feelin it. sick energy tho

  • Kelli

    That was bonkers. Tyler is so dope. Everything about that was awesome, and mos def at the end had me rollin! OFWGKTA..I just love typing that! lol.. I hope they keep risin and puttin out all sorts of crazy music and takin over like they did on that stage!

  • Dekk

    This all seems like a gimmick to me. Maybe I need to listen to more music, but it just seems forced imagery.

  • dub

    I agree with Dekk. This guy is going for pure shock value–almost as if he’s fashioning himself as the Marilyn Manson of rap. His Twitter, his performance on Jimmy Fallon, and the Yonkers video all show that he is going to be as out there as possible in the hopes that somebody will pay attention either because they are repulsed or because he is so out there they can’t help but listen (similar to a train wreck, except you can’t stop listening).

    There’s no way he will sustain the level of press he’s getting right now and will for the next 3-5 days. He’ll be an underground artist for a long time with dedicated fans, but that’s it. I hate to keep using rock analogies, but he, and his crew, will have the career trajectory of ICP–15 minutes of fame, and some weird, dedicated underground fans for a long time after the spotlight is turned off.

    In any case, I’m not feeling him at all.

  • Fin

    ^^^^ Nah i really just think Tyler doesn’t give a fuck

  • Dekk

    I think Tyler wants you to think that he doesn’t give a fuck… If he really didn’t give a fuck he wouldn’t have performed on Falon. He’d be sitting around not giving a fuck somewhere.. Truth is he probably REALLY CARES what people think and has obviously spent some time developing a character…. I’m not mad at him, it’s worked. To each their own…

    Like I said, I need to listen to the music a little more because at the end of the day thats all that really matters. Every artist has to pay attention to their image, some take it to gimmick status, some don’t… I’m just saying that at first glance Tyler seems to have gone the gimmick route.

  • thaFp

    ending was the motherfuckin shhiieeett!! MOS DEF SCREAMINGG hahahahahahaahhahahhahHAHAHAHHA

  • heha

    i agree with fin. thats just his personality. props for being different. tyler just has that DGAF attitude. GOLFWANG

  • Emm

    That just blew my mind…

  • Sergio M

    TC’s music is like the death metal of hip hop. The beat is usually consistent and energetic, the lyrics are dark and disturbing (albeit often poetic), the performances are always full of energy, and you have to know the kind of people you can show it to, otherwise your friends might stop talking to you.

  • thethe


  • OddFutureGeneral

    both to Dekk and Dubb, shut the hell up. Just because this is the first time ya’ll have seen Tyler on the scene doesnt mean this is the only success hes had, dog. Him and the OddFuture crew have been takin over slowly over the last six or eight months, similar to the type a shit we saw with wiz two years back. fifteen minutes of fame my ass, Tyler dont give a Fuck and us Wolves dont give a Fuck.

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