Video! Tinie Tempah’s American TV Debut


The Tinie Tempah American push has officially started. Tinie made his American TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (2/2). I’ve heard mixed reviews from Brits, so I’m not sure how Americans are going to take Tinie. Seems like people either love him, or they think he’s a little too cookie cutter/pop, but the British rapper factor alone is going to set him apart in the States. “Pass Out” is dope to me. I just hope Giggs gets the US push next.

Tinie Tempah’s debut album Disc-Overy is coming out in the US on May 3rd, 2011.

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  • Jerome

    I love hearing new shit. Shit that I might not be enamored with at first, but after a few listens I like it and Tinie Tempah was one of those artists. I wish he could have brought Ellie Goulding with him and done “Wonderman” I think that record might translate better with America, but all in all a good, not great, performance, and I sure we’ll heard more about him in the future.

  • Mic

    I’m interested to see if Tinie breaks through. The industry has pushed a ton of international acts, but only a handful strike a chord with the mass audience over here. And how many of those are rappers? Drake from Canada doesn’t count, but it’s been pretty much nil. The Streets and Dizzee got some attention from the critics, but cockney lyrics don’t connect with the masses over here. We shall see

  • Fergal

    Great to see Tinie in the US, He’s massive over here in the UK. Will be very interesting to see if people like his music, I personally think he’ll be big in the US.

    His album is crazy brilliant one top class track after another
    especially this

    And Its great to see P&P posting his music!

  • Vin Detta

    I definitely wanna see more of a push of Tinie Tempah in the U.S. I can’t wait.

  • dynamicproducer

    I just heard his “Written In The Stars” joint. I like his flow better in this one. This is some good new stuff.

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