Birdman ft. Lil Wayne, Mack Maine & T-Pain – Get Money


Yo! Birdman is on that new shit! That 2011 shit! Let’s talk about how dude just changed the game with this one! Birdman just took the game, flipped it upside down, stole its lunch money, melted down the coins, made a sword, then stabbed the game through the heart. Then he tied a kite to the sword, flew it in a lightning storm, touched the tip of the sword to the heart of the game, and revived hip-hop! With this one track! Oh. My. Fuck.

Just kidding. It’s a Birdman song called “Get Money”. It features T-Pain. The fuck do you expect? If you’re looking for some real meaning, you’d be better off watching this.

DOWNLOAD: Birdman ft. Lil Wayne, Mack Maine & T-Pain – Get Money

(Nah Right)

  • bass

    Best description ever.

  • A Reader!

    Posts like this wat makes this one of the best blogs to grab mp3, mixtapes and all that !!!


    (rating is for the accompanied commentary on a 1/5 song)

  • Frank Ramz always find the best youtube videos and shit

  • ryan

    i didnt even hit play since i already heard this record about 100 times from birdman (you know, ‘hoooo hoooo!’ then ‘isss lil tunechi!’ and then t-pain with some revolutionary game changing auto tune), but i had to give props to con on the description. love this site.

  • ryan

    also i cant wait for the dj khaled remix. (heavy sarcasm)

  • Mic

    ta da da taaa da taaa ddaa tat ata data tata?

  • CK

    Hahaha, A+ on the commentary (that’s what my rating is for, is there even a song on this post?)

  • NAY

    Awful song, hilarious description. Good work.

  • Noory

    man i love pigeonsandplanes.

    confusion rocks

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