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Yesterday e-dubble tweeted this, regarding PJ Harvey:

And today, we get this. I guess that’s why people call him “The Butcher”. Probably no one has called him that, except me. But I think we should go with it. Listen and download the newest e-dub song below, and if you haven’t yet, download his whole mixtape here. It’s awesome.

  • Realist

    this is nice

  • wenz

    I’ve been listening to him for a while now. E-dub really needs to get more recognition. This man can flow

  • http://www.twitter.com/radioowen Owen

    That was flat out tasty. Im going to be needing to hear more of his music immediately

  • BestRap

    I love it :) Please make more music youre the best dude !

  • Bobi


  • ThatoneTroll

    Straightupknifes <3

  • fayaaz

    how do i download this


    TO GOOOOODDDDD!! I LOVE ITT! Everyone at my school is gonna be knowing bout him cause of me now.. Thanks for the free download!!1:)

  • Peter

    The best

  • E-Dub fan

    IT ISN’T ON ITUNES!!!! Uggghhhhh

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