Na Palm – Two Days Straight (Soundpusher Remix)

promographicfinal 500x500 Na Palm   Two Days Straight (Soundpusher Remix)

Probably wanna save this until the weekend. If you like conscious stuff, skip this one. If you can’t talk about a song without mentioning “content”, skip this one. Actually, if you aren’t drunk right now, might wanna skip this one. That probably eliminates like 2 people, you wasted fucks. But seriously, this is definitely going to be a fun weekend track.

It’s been a while since Na Palm has had a release, so we wanted to reach out and share the official Soundpusher remix to his party anthem “Two Days Straight” with P&P. ┬áIt’s a banger and to go along with the track, we are launching our brand new gear that blasts the popular phrase “All I Do Is Fuck & Party”.

Na Palm – Two Days Straight (Straightpusher Remix)

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