Ramzy’s Delorean! Eminem – “Drug Ballad”


I’ve been thinking about making a post here & there of some great old tunes that are constantly in rotation via my iTunes. This week I’ve been bumping Eminem’s “Drug Ballad” non-stop…like literally! This song features vocals from Dina Rae & is off of Em’s 3rd LP titled *The Marshall Mathers LP*. If you ask me, this was his best body of work. What better way to start of Ramzy’s Delorean than with this track!?!?

Eminem – “Drug Ballad”

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  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Daniel

    Definitely dig the idea of some older tracks here and there that might’ve been slept on. MM lp is probably my second favorite album, Eminem show’s my first although the song “Marshall Mathers” is one of his greatest songs.

  • paul

    haha ive been listening to so much of this lp lately, hands down his best. drug ballad, marshall mathers, criminal, kill you, who knew are all amazing

  • http://twitter.com/LizCappon Liz

    Thanks for reminding me of this one Ramz, this one of my fav Em tracks from back when I was Em’s ultimate fan girl in high school, lol.

    Hmm, its strange, its really hard for me to go back on Em now, I know I loved him crazy once, but now so much of it is just way too dark for me. However, I could def see this track coming back into my rotation.

  • Ceasar C

    i’ve always bumped this, amityville, all of the above but yea i hope you’ve heard the originator, curtis mayfield. i too enjoy the idea of old tracks <true story.

  • BigMoneyXXL

    One of the best beats everrr
    But this is definitely my favorite album by Em

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