Timbaland – “Not My Happiness”


Whaaat. Is that a Mumford and Sons sample I hear? (Yes, it is.) Timbo, you crazy. Seems like this song isn’t getting a great reaction. Timbaland‘s singing is a little awkward, but I think it’s a pretty cool concept. What do you think? I keep asking you guys this and you keep ignoring me lately. You used to leave so many more comments. Is it something I said? You’re making me look like an assblogger talking to himself. Fuck you guys, I’ve always tried to be polite but honestly, I’ve always disliked you.*

Here’s the new Timbaland track. Check it out, but don’t tell me what you think of it.

Timbaland – “Not My Happiness”

(Free OnSmash)

*Just kidding. I love you even though you ignore me. You know that. We can get through this.

  • hahayo

    Hahayo. This track is awk as fuck. Good production tho

  • http://vimeo.com/andrewtheghost andrewtheghost

    yo this track is big. real big. i love it. timbaland always keeps progressing. top artist. timbo get at me.

  • Confusion

    thanks for commenting hahayo!!!

  • Sam Murray

    Its awful

  • Nah_Rez

    Since you asked so nicely, I’ll give you a comment. I like what he’s doing with the sample, pretty emo lyrics for Timbaland though right? This is my favorite clip of crazy Timbaland http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzkCrFzgNdg enjoy!

  • Noory

    production is nice.. not liking timbo’s voice on it though

  • lalala

    yeahhh agree with the awkward lyrics comment and the sound of his voice kind of clashes with the sample even though i am definitely a HUGE fan of the mumford & sons sampling idea

  • http://vimeo.com/andrewtheghost andrewtheghost

    you are all trippin!

  • Han

    I think it may be one of those songs that you like more the more you listen to it.

  • http://Whathappenedtomyson.org God

    pretty weak use of the sample imo.

  • Monty

    Agreed. Cool sample choice, good production, but it does all clash. I’m also getting fully burned out on auto tune. Timbo obviously can’t sing, so why not toss on someone who can, and even the track out? It’s fine but forgettable.

  • liverat

    listening to the holocaust would be more entertaining than listening to that again.

  • GR

    Very very interesting, but at the same time, very very unlistenable.

  • John

    Hopefully someone gets an instrumental of this out there so someone can make proper use of an admittedly pretty awesome sample and production

  • http://twitter.com/LizCappon Liz

    Strange. I don’t know what to make of that. I def dont like it though, lol.

    And I comment wayyyy more now than I did 6 months or a year ago, just sayin.

  • johnny

    comment…..haha sorry i like to enjoy your posts while staying lazy and not commenting yes im a selfish american

  • http://xavier.bandcamp.com thedopeness
  • Stacy

    the concept is good, but he just can’t sing. having said that i’ll prob have the chorus in my head for a few hours.

  • http://imnotfunnybutpeoplelaughatme.tumblr.com Maximus

    I don’t think Timbaland is a particularly talented singer, but he is voice is unique and good enough that I can listen to it. The chorus sounds real good though, no lie. Like a few other people said, the production is really good (as we’ve come to expect from Timb) and it sort of saves the song. I bet without his production skills on this, no one would would like to hear him just sing.

  • justkalby

    only listened to the track for about 30 sec prolly not long enuff to actually judge it but timbo’s singing was terrible just thought id comment

  • theekdub

    i dig the concept…i think the track is actually pretty dope…i mean the singing could be better…but we say the same thing about drake right? haha keep up the good work…i check the sight multiple times a day for new music

  • http://huckleberryjams.tumblr.com/ chris

    The song’s not bad but timbo should stick to producing, his voice isn’t good enough for the amount of attention his name alone generates.

  • JJ

    I think “awkward” nails it. If this song was in Jr. High it would have the worst acne.

  • Crawley

    I think it all blends in a way that I wouldn’t expect it to (not in a good or bad way, but in a way that just is). Overall sounds good to me because it’s something different.

  • BC

    not bad.. juss different

  • Diana

    Feelin the mumford and sons influence but hearing timbaland sing made me want to punch myself in the face. Anyone else get a similar reaction?

    P.s *hugs*

  • A-Rod

    I only listen to the first 30sec or so started to hear him sing and that was good enough for me not to listen anymore im just saying lol..

  • bluefire

    “timbaland never walk into a place he cant walk out of”

  • Christine Vaughen

    I loooove you. I’ve decided it’s you job to make me laugh out loud everyday. Oh, but I never comment.

  • John

    i like it but it would be way better, somebody should redo it with better lyrics

  • http://www.twitter.com/radioowen Owen

    I had to check the date of this post to see if this song was some kinda april fools day joke. Seems it was posted on the 31st and isnt meant as a joke. That being said all it really needs is a better singer, maybe change up the lyrics a little bit, and maybe tweak some other things. Oh wait if im saying all that it means I didnt like it and stand by my first thought that song is a joke.

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Confusion

    Just want to thank you all for commenting. I love you guys. I really want the P&P comment section to be full of responses. It makes things way more interesting, but I understand that most people don’t want to do that. I don’t either. I rarely comment on other blogs. But I appreciate you guys, whether it’s through Twitter, the Shoutbox, your emails, Facebook, or whatever, it’s always cool to get feedback. Just good to hear from you.

    @thedopeness The picture was amazing. A fat hampster with a machine gun is worth 1,000 comments.

    @Nah_Rez Good to see the vintage Tim in action. It’s impossible to deny what hes capable of. Studio session with him and Jay looked sick.

    @Diana hugs

    @Chris I agree. Timbo singing is cool for a chorus every now and then, but I dont think he can pull it off through a whole song.

    @Liz thank you for the comments! I read every comment on here and its always appreciated. It also gives me a good idea of what P&P readers want and don’t want.

    @Christine Vaughen I love you too. So much.

    @John Yeah I dont think Timbo would have released this as a final version. It would be cool to hear someone else redo the vocals.

  • http://nishajl.com nishajl

    I like the cross-genre step but not convinced by the track.
    (so THAT’s how you get people to comment on blog posts… ;))

  • http://nishajl.com nishajl

    p.s. – rating was for the SONG, not the blog. (see below)

  • Frank Ramz

    thumbs the fuck down to timbo singing on this shit! all them damn singers he know

  • Clinton

    this song is terrible.

  • CK

    Please, Con, I comment all day errday. Looks like a good way to get other people to comment, though, is to insult them and then tell them not to comment. As for the actual song, for some reason I didn’t see the Mumford and Sons influence until I re-listened to “Little Lion Man” first, but I really wanna dislike it….. but I can’t. There’s something inherently catchy about it that I can’t get around. I’ll have to listen to it more to decide for sure 1 way or the other.

  • oook

    this sucks

  • http://thebasseffect.tumblr.com bass

    Timbo just needs to start handing his beats back to more qualified artists. I’m tired of hearing Timbo and no names all over his tracks. Whatever happened to JT?

  • Harris

    timbalands gotta stick to producing.. and confusion, comments will pick up from now on

  • Avicenna

    hmm. bad use of a good song.

  • Smiley

    First time leaving a comment, but this is for you Con. Your my daily dose of ecstasy ;)

  • Matt

    the production is gnarly but the vocals are inconsistant so i agree with the majority of my peers in saying that somebody esle should hop on this

  • Aqua

    Nah the none perfect vocals is what makes this song sick. Top singers never have a perfect voice, they have a unique one.

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