Chiddy Attempting To Break World Record For “Longest Freestyle Rap”


Chiddy from Chiddy Bang will freestyle, continuously, for over 8 hours. I can think of a few ways that this could become very interesting, but good luck to him! Check out the info below.

Chiddy is trying to break the Guinness World Records title for “Longest Freestyle Rap” during MTV’s digital music awards show, The OMA’s today! He has to rap for over EIGHT HOURS WITHOUT STOPPING.

He’s going to be taking topics for the freestyle via twitter so tweet @realchiddy any words, ideas, topics using the hashtag #RapWorldRecord so MTV can keep track. Watch him prepare here.

Stream it live TODAY starting at 2:30pm EST on

*UPDATE: He mentioned Pigeons and Planes in the freestyle. #History

Hit the jump to hear Chiddy talk about the epic freestyle…

  • T

    I semi-contributed to this post…I’m pretty pumped

  • guru 412

    too bad chiddy bang is weak in his writtens, i can only imagine how poor an eight hour freestyle would be from him.. get supernatural to freestyle for 8 hours. then it would actually be worth something.

  • Temi

    Is it terrible that I want him to quit after 7hours and 59 minutes?

  • bswelly

    guru…keep riding that hater train

  • thedopeness

    my guess is he’ll have to shit right around the seven and a half hour mark. good luck to him though.

  • guru 412

    not riding a train of any sort….. except maybe one filled with people who recognize true talent, which, for most, is sadly indistinguishable from the new yet redundant “swagged out” and messageless rappers so common in today’s scene.

  • guru 412

    like just watch him “warming up” haha it takes him a solid 3 seconds to formulate his next line.. and now watch prince ea freestyle here

    no comparison. yet chiddy has so much more attention on him its crazy.

  • Brooks

    Count it. I tried suggesting Pigeons and Planes a few times but never got to see it while i was watching

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