King Fantastic – “Bonfire Sessions”


I first got put on to King Fantastic right here at this very site when Confusion posted the Troublemaker video edit of “Why? Where? What?” Which I watched like 15 times in a row and proceeded to play it everywhere I went that week. This time around King drops off a song for the holiday. A day late on posting it, but that’s only fitting, check it below.

*Update* Turns out the song is off the album, Finger Snaps and Gun Claps, which came out awhile ago, but hey, now you can download this song for free.


Bonfire Sessions by King Fantastic

  • Brandon

    Old track, definitely one of my favorite King Fantastic songs though. Used to have this shit on repeat for days.

  • heha

    This songs very old.

  • jj

    You’ve always been able to get it for free too haha, all of King Fantastic’s music is free…

  • Kelli

    the whole album is free! lol..confusion has had me bumping the whole thing since the why?where?what? video.. go KF

    big jerm, get up on king fantastic!! get that whole album!! :)

  • alexc

    haha good try….

  • Andy

    Yeah man you really really reallllly shit the bed on this post, thanks for getting my hopes up.

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