Santigold ft. Karen O – “Go”


Jay-Z’s new site just premiered the latest Santigold track. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from her, and she’s now signed to Roc Nation, which explains why Jay dropped this one off today. The artist formerly known as Santogold brought out the Yeah Yeah Yeah‘s frontwoman Karen O for this new joint, had Q-Tip and Switch help out with the production, and assigned Nick Zinner to guitar duties. The sound is pretty wild, but it makes sense once you consider of the diversity of the people working together on it.

Read the exclusive interview over at Hov’s Life and Times

Santigold ft. Karen O – “Go”

  • c00klyn

    fan of all involved, especially Karen, but god that was awful

  • Big Jerm

    I’m really diggin’ this, actually. And it’s usually hit or miss for me with Santigold

  • Codine

    I feel like this is the originality that Lady Gaga is trying hard to come with, but it is so effortless for Santigold. I like

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