Lil Wayne – “How To Love”


Lil Wayne‘s got a new girlfriend and a new appropriately titled single. If “6 Foot 7 Foot” was the peanut butter, this is the jelly – well, not really, because lots of people who like peanut butter also like jelly. I’m not sure that many people that like “6 Foot 7 Foot” will also like “How To Love”. It’s basically a simple, sweet, sensitive pop song. Listen below.

Lil Wayne – “How To Love”

(Karen Civil)

  • sTuckBeats

    kill me.

  • morgandrew

    common weezy. I don’t like using the word GAY, but this is GAY.

  • Mixtapes

    wow. such negative comments…i love this song…even tho it is very simple, its just not something we hear much from wayne

  • Big Jerm

    This is good stuff, plus Wayne’s new girl is just my type haha


    5 stars to weezy’s chick. i feel like the song will blow up too.

  • actionjakson

    is this how i want weezy spending his time? no. id rather hear him put out some Drought 3 and Carter 3 ish. But if Bruno Mars or someone like that came out with this song everyone would be loving it. So i can dig it. Chill as hell

  • dj sen princw

    I’m not the biggest fan of Wayne singing, but I think this is a good look for a single choice. It shows that his album will have range. This track will be big with the ladies. I was getting worried after he picked “John” for a single.

  • NAY

    Just no.

  • Dassic

    I want the people saying no to explain why. Calling it gay or just saying that it sucks without reason is just stupid. I wasn’t a big fan of his singing before, but this isn’t half bad. It’s actually pretty touching and a decent attempt at trying to reach one of those girls. I can dig it

  • Joel

    This is not a good song. I cannot enjoy this, the acoustic has a certain purity to it then comes Lil Wayne’s raspy auto-tuned voice ..secondly this is NOT a single ..if we didn’t all have a soft spot in our heart for everything Lil Wayne does, most people would probably agree with me. If this was an unknown and upcoming artist releasing this as a single we would Shun them for Eternity.

  • fambam

    i love that wayne made this song. i mean its whatever, but coming from wayne its so much better. this is just so uncharacteristic :) yea yea its gay, dont listen to it w ur homies, weezy actually did okay singing, and the autotune is barely noticable.

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  • D Golf

    It’s a good song….and the girl looks good.

  • bjammin

    wheres the download???

  • Noory

    nowhere near as bad as i thought it would be, or atleast people are making it out to be. i actually like it

  • CK


  • jimi

    i actually think it’s not half bad either, maybe wayne’s most listenable singing moment.
    but if this should really push the album as a single, it needs an extremely more huge production.

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