Mayer Hawthorne – Impressions (The Covers EP)


Two words, free music!  Mayer Hawthorne delivered his new six-track EP, Impressions, recently via Rolling Stone.  On it Hawthorne infuses his own unique flavor into such hits as Chromeo’s “Don’t Turn the Lights On” and “Work to Do” by the Isley Brothers.  A very neat and quick collection of songs by the always pleasing, and always entertaining, neo-soul man.  Sample “Work to Do” below, if you’re digging the vibe you can pick up the full EP here.

Mayer Hawthorne – “Work to Do”

  • Izz


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  • mashix

    You notice the download the Rolling Stone put up got taken down for copyright violation? How ridiculous is that?

  • Monster

    @mashmix, thanks for the heads up on the link. Seems like Mediafire decided to take the law into their own hands with that one. I’ve replaced it with one provided by Stones Throw Records, who I believe rep Mayer. This one should (hopefully) continue to work for us.

  • mashix

    @Monster, awesome, thank you. Weird. Usually they take stuff down at the request of record companies *cough* Atlantic *cough* but I can’t think of who could complain about a free EP…

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