Time Out. The Next Step.


Shoutout to the P&P team for holding things down over the past few days. I’ve been missing in action and will probably be a little slow over the next few days while I figure some things out. I feel bad disappearing without an explanation, so check this out: I graduated with an MBA over the weekend. Crazy. Now I need to figure out the next step, and I’ve been seriously considering the involvement of Pigeons and Planes in that next step.

I’ve always talked about expanding P&P into more than just a music blog. I’ve joked about a P&P record label, a P&P festival, a P&P clothing line, and other ideas ranging from lucrative to ridiculous. Somewhere along the line, these jokes stopped being funny and turned into legitimate goals. I feel like, with all the time and money that has gone into schooling, I should probably find a desk and put my marketing degree to work, but the idea of not dedicating as much time into this website makes me kind of sick to my stomach. Plus, trying to spread the word of Pigeons and Planes is kind of marketing, right? Right.

We always try to keep things as transparent as possible here, so I’ll tell you the main issue: money. Right now, the only revenue that P&P sees is from advertisements. I’ve never accepted money for posts and it’s not something I want to get into. My attempts to get Diddy to act as a celebrity sponsor (I’m open to a monthly allowance or lump sum payment) have yielded no responses. I like to believe that he’s just thinking it over. Diddy, hit me back!

Moving forward, the challenge is finding new ways of creating revenue without sacrificing content. I think it’s entirely possible, but it’s going to take a lot of work and some creative ideas. Hopefully you’ll see some of these ideas come to life. I’m not sure what the next step is, but I’ll keep you updated.

  • fadex

    real talk.

  • Garf Lloydell

    Pretty sure yer supposed to call him swag for the next week or so

  • GR

    We could sell cookies for a bake sale?

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  • Ariel

    Congrats on the graduation.. been a heavy follower of this blog for several years now; its kind of exciting to think of the possibilities and potential this site holds… from a fellow Marketing major, creating revenue without sacrificing content and individuality is quite the task but not impossible.. Good luck

  • Kei Akoni

    I love the down to earth, realness of this site man, I’ll try to come up with ideas myself also and send them to you

  • Chopz

    Got support over here in NorCal! I just wore my P&P shirt today and got a compliment on it heh.

  • bryck

    Congrats on graduating dude. I know there’s more than a few people like me out there that would support your expansion as their means allow them to. You never sacrifice personality when you post, and it’s extremely refreshing.

  • http://twitter.com/asgupta15 Arun

    congrats on getting your MBA. big accomplishment.

    most music blogs won’t blatantly admit they’re looking for ways to monetize, so respect for writing a post about it.

    this site definitely has a swag of it’s own and I think the indie/hip hop style you portray would translate well in the clothing and music industry.

    If possible, send me an email if you have time. I would love to help in anyway I could.

  • http://soundcloud.com/decemberthird thedopeness

    Congrats on the graduation, Con. I bet there’d be a good market for some P&P merch. And label/festival? That’d be crazy, I’m there.

  • BC

    congrats bro.. just graduated myself with a marketing degree

    maybe some kind of P&P app or something
    you’ve definitely built a solid brand with this blog just need to leverage it somehow

  • nic

    Congrats on the degree, con.

    I’ve been following your blog for about a year and a half, I check up on it multiple times a day and I would love to see it expand in any way you see fit. If there’s any way I can help, I’m all over it.

  • Confusion

    Thanks for all the support guys. It means a lot. I’ll definitely keep you updated.

  • ThatsWhatsUp

    Big shouts out to you. I appreciate your site like no other. You keep it real,you’re weird, and its dope. That mix doesn’t happen too often. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Dassic

    Congratulations man, it’s good to see people taking what they love and combining it with their career goals/aspirations. I’m looking forward to seeing P&P become something bigger and bolder than what it already is. Good luck with it and (all of you guys) keep up the good work

  • Gabriel

    I think all the comments go in the same direction, but I’ll summarize: P&P IS GREAT!
    you’re really onto something, keep it going
    and congrats for the MBA! wow

  • Lucas

    i got 5 on it

  • antoine

    I honestly dont know how you can get money from smth else than advertising… You might just look how very big music blogs do it, but right now, I’ve got no idea… You may sponsor some mixtapes to get some more shine and got more money from advertising…

  • Matt

    Couple ideas:

    1) do a pandora radio station just as a marketing vehicle
    2) start helping artists sell their music on your site. take a small cut. thats essentially the start of a P&P record label but in more of an itunes style. because you just get a small amount for a download. its all based on volume and the money actually would go to the artist in this scenario.
    3) expand the advertisements to do more a commission based approach- clickbank.com is an example of what i am talking about here
    4) write a book on your experience. theres almost none on the success of music blogs subject. you have a ton of loyal followers, myself being one of them, and you have a ton of loyal artists. leverage us.

  • http://eclecticeavesdroppings.tumblr.com Drake

    Congrats on the MBA confusion. P&P is always the first music blog I check up on and it’s been that way for a good few years..
    With regards to monetizing. I’m no expert but advertising can only get you so far for a blog of this size unless you go against your principles. Attempting to set up your own ’boutique’ record label sounds like it could be the way forward. Alot easier said than done but that’s gotta be the dream for a marketing major with an obsession for music. At least that’s the way I see it..
    Best of luck

  • CK

    Sheeiiiiiiiiiiiit, I stop checking P&P for a few days and I miss everything going down around this place. Congrats and I understand the worries/questions about the next step. It seems you’re headed into somewhat-uncharted territory. My own ideas:
    1) More ads, as much as I wouldn’t like this as a reader, it’s one solution.
    2) Building off of Matt’s idea, help artists sell music on your site, but to keep the current integrity of P&P, make sure it’s artists that you COMPLETELY trust to always to put out good music
    3) I’m not sure how this would work on P&P, but to steal an idea from another site I love, promote events in different places or perhaps online that you truly believe. The potential problems I see with this solution are: (a) obviously if they’re real world events, P&P’s readership is not concentrated in one place. (b) the chance that if you don’t keep 100% true transparency with your intentions and things you sponsor, you risk alienating many, if not all, of P&P’s readers.
    4) Use connections with Complex in some way? Obviously, Complex has a real magazine with “real” writers that it makes. An MBA in marketing may not exactly lend itself to this and I dunno if you’d feel like you were “wasting” your degree, but you could try to work some kind of deal with Complex in relation to writing, resulting in essentially you working on P&P and getting paid or you doing freelance work for Complex the magazine/website and getting paid or something like that. Essentially using those connections, we all already know you can write and I’m sure P&P readers would have no problem supporting you in whatever way so you could keep P&P going. Props and keep up the good work!

  • http://imnotfunnybutpeoplelaughatme.tumblr.com Max

    I agree with all of this. One of the best blogs out there for music.

    You’re probably wondering why I’m posting on this in the middle of July when this was posted in late May, so I’ll tell you why: I like P&P just enough that when I fell 30 pages behind on posts, I didn’t just start from the top and move down. I’ve been playing catchup for a few weeks now, with some success. My point here is that I refuse to give in. I must read every post and listen to all the music. This is something I don’t do on every blog. I trust your judgement in music more than anyone I can think of and I thank you.

    Good luck making some bucks…it’s a tough world for businesses right now and marketing is more important than ever. I think you should see if Complex would post some of your work from P&P directly into their magazine so you could have a paper blog of sorts, giving you the same amount of work and more pay. Who knows if that’s actually feasible, but if you did it I would subscribe to Complex immediately. Big props Con.

  • Confusion

    Thanks Max, I appreciate it.

    Good things coming soon.

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