Video! Boldy James – “JIMBO”


Been seeing Boldy James’ name popping up a lot lately, so I decided to check it out. Here’s the latest video from the Detroit rapper with an illRoots cosign. The beat on this one is courtesy of Chuck Inglish, and Boldy’s tape Trapper’s Alley: Pros And Cons is coming soon. He’s got a smooth delivery and the drugged out content matches up with Chuck’s menacing production nicely.

No offense to college rappers, but I’m kind of getting sick of hearing young emcees talk about nothing but keg parties, bong rips, and hangovers. It’s refreshing to hear a newcomer bringing the focus back to hard drugs. That sounds bad, huh? Whatever, it’s the weekend, nobody’s reading anyways.

Hit the jump to watch…

  • S

    false dichotomy of hard drugs and college rappers

  • Verbatum Jones

    Confusion bringing back the stove top rap. I dig this guy, heard him on a couple Cool Kids tracks. Peace

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  • Confusion

    @S You know of dudes that you’d classify as “college rappers” that rhyme about crack?

    I tend to envision rapper classification as separated by some clearly drawn lines. There are some blurry areas and in-betweens, but once the subject matter leans towards crack sales, at least in my opinion, that rapper has graduated from the “college rapper” label.

    I’m mostly just joking about all this. People can make music about whatever they want. Everyone’s got a different reality.

  • BasedCannon

    Boldy’s verse is straight fire on the Fat Raps Remix, been looking for more of his shit ever since.

  • Biscayne Bully

    This is dope! Couldn’t agree with your internet rapper comments more. So sick of these boring kids rapping about SB’s and playing X-Box

  • S


    Mostly im just sick of college rappers AND gangster or whatever you want to call it. I hope that ‘the next level’ of rap can bring us some kind of legitimate talent that can tell an interesting story that hasn’t been told thousands of times.

  • Confusion



  • great 8

    this is great, im lookin forward to the mixtape!

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