Video! Slim Thug – “Miss Mary”


Whoa, so Slim Thug decided to drop a video for “Miss Mary” almost 6 years after the song was released on his debut album, Already Platinum. If you haven’t already heard the song you can probably guess what to expect.

Side Note: The other day some old lady asked me where I was from, when I told her I was from the northern areas of Michigan she responded almost disapprovingly with “Ohh my, with that southern accent? !” like my moms din’t raise me properly or somethin’. I blame it on all the slowed down, H-town, jams like this one that I consistently listen to, *shrug*.

Hit the “read more” button to check the video…

Slim Thug – “Miss Mary”

  • esgee

    hes watching the wire on the flat screen…fuck stringer bell

  • esgee

    oops my b its american gangsta

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  • Dassic

    I wonder if he just always wanted to make a video for this since he made it or if it just hit him one day a few years+ after making it.

    P.S. Whatever man, MI all day (even though I’m not from the northern part in any way shape or form) despite accents. It’s the people we are around and what we listen to more than where we’re from that make it happen

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