Coldplay – “Major Minus”


The photo above is an action shot of Chris Martin taken just as he was saying the following, “Hey mate, our new EP Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall is being released digitally on Sunday, July 26th.  Until then please enjoy a stream of our new single “Major Minus” exclusively on Pigeons and Planes!!”  This is all in a British accent of course.

Ok, ok.  He’s not really saying that, but the content of the message is still true. Rumor has it there will be one additional preview release for a track called “Move To Mars”, which we should see tomorrow morning.  You can pre-order the entire EP now on iTunes.

  • Owen

    Well thats much better then the last song I heard. Maybe its because I switched literally directly from listening to the decemberists but I swear I got a decemberists vibe off this song. Actually thats what it has to be because coldplay and the decemberists dont actually sound alike do they? In anycase This song got me back in the Ill give this album a shot camp away from the unabashed coldplay enjoyer who is goin to avoid this new ish like the plague camp

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