e-dubble – “Be Okay”


Fresh off the release of his first official iTunes single “Changed My Mind“, e-dubble decided to keep things moving and have a little fun testing his new set up after a computer crash. Here’s the result, in which e-dub showcases his British accent skills and flips a Foster The People sample.

e-dubble – Be Okay by edubble

  • Jay

    I like the lyrics but not the chorus “I LeBron James game em’ I ain’t even playing but you know you can’t trade em’.”

  • http://www.RaiseTheVillage.com CMac


    E-Dubble showin’ off some new tricks in this track. Love it. Forward thinking – make sure to not get too carried away with any of the ‘tricks’ (chorus could get stale), but don’t hold back. This song in a vacuum, I give it 4 stars ****, BUT factoring in overall body of work, 5 stars ***** for the fact that this track shows there is more to come out of Mr. Dubble aka Dubble Trouble aka E-Dubya Bush.

    PS – Is the ‘grunt/growl’ getting coined? I thought I heard the same one in the background from Changed My Mind…

  • http://www.RaiseTheVillage.com CMac

    That was supposed to be a 5 star….sorry!

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