Ja Rule – “Black Vodka”


Here’s the scene – you’re having a party. It starts out really fun, then some people get too drunk and start acting stupid. You kick them out, and once they are gone you make fun of them, taking turns doing imitations and having laughs. Some new people show up, and they are much cooler than the ones who left. A couple hours pass, and things are going well. The party has moved in new directions and everyone seems to be excited about the rest of the night. Then, a knock at the door. The drunks return, slightly sobered up and looking to join the fun.

Kind of awkward. What do you do? You feel bad for making fun of them. You remember the fun you guys had together earlier in the night. You also remember how annoying they got.

Here’s the latest from Ja Rule.

Ja Rule – “Black Vodka”

(Diverse Hip Hop)

  • Rob

    Best metaphor ever.

  • http://finestcreativity.wordpress.com finest creativity

    that was perfect!!! and yes, please, ashanti on the hook :)

  • http://fishytunes.net Fish

    haha perfect. this is why I love this site.

  • Sonjay

    Ja Back In This Biznitch! Dope and real chill track.

  • http://bathroombachelor.tumblr.com LP


  • Adam

    We already have one decent-rapper-turned-awful-singer and his name is Kid Cudi

  • Midas

    elevating the blog game on this one.

  • amc

    damn secretly just shitted on him lol

  • nateezra2

    Am I the only one that thinks Ja sounds like wanna be Pac, DMX and looks like a Ninja Turtle…just saying

  • nateezra2

    Plus Confusion is too funny with the party intro to the song…DAMN ‘Chappelle Voice’ WHERES JA! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT JA THINKS OPINION

  • http://thatessencerare.wordpress.com BK

    The post is great, the song is garbage. Ja Rule is just the worst and he always has been. He needs to get gone. Oh wait, he is. Hopefully, he has some fans at Rikers otherwise its going to be a long two years.

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