Lil B Reveals Cover Art For I’m Gay, Adds “I’m Happy” To Album Title

Picture Via Complex

So, there’s the cover art to Lil B‘s I’m Gay. It’s a play on Marvin Gaye’s I Want You cover (Get it? Gay/Gaye) and it is cut into three parts: slavery, mental slavery, and mental freedom.

The thing that nobody seems to be talking about is that he added “(I’m Happy)” to the end of his album’s name. When he announced the title, the response was overwhelming, albeit polarizing. Homosexuality is one of the few topics left in hip-hop that is still taboo. Lil B made it clear from the beginning that he was not actually homosexual, but when talking about the album title, he told MTV:

“I got major love for the gay and lesbian community, and I just want to push less separation and that’s why I’m doing it. I hope GLAAD sees that I’m taking initial steps to break barriers.”

By adding the “I’m happy,” to his title, he’s essentially pulling a 4th grade cop-out, like “yeah, I’m gay meaning HAPPY! And I’m a pussy, meaning a CAT!” or like finding some clever way to use the word “bitch” to mean female dog.

If the Based God was just trying to stir up some controversy and attract some attention, then mission accomplished. If he was, as he stated, trying to take steps to break down barriers or make some kind of point, whatever it was, then it seems like this watered-down, amended version of his album name falls short of having any impact.

I’m not trying to argue that Lil B should have been naming his album I’m Gay in the first place. That’s a completely different argument. But I’m Gay (I’m Happy)? Pretty pointless.

  • A guest but not really

    What a cop out I don’t like this kid. He is fuckin gay but not like homo gay as in what you call your friends when they’re being fags. And not like homo but when u think someone is a fucking loser. Ps he can’t rap.

  • LOL

    LOL thats funny

  • Latest

    album name could’ve been “i’m retarded”, could care less…

    it’s amazing how far you can get by just believing in yourself and if you think you’re the shit, other people will too.

  • Jordan

    He should call his album “I’m a terrible Rapper” and underneath it will say “Seriously”

  • Mikael

    That artwork is actually pretty dope.

  • myjestik

    the artwork is pretty much stolen.

  • codine

    Funny to see how many people miss the point. Is he a terrible rapper? pretty much. But it does blow my mind how a community with such a deep rooted history in oppression and prejudice could still have such a hard time accepting people for their differences. Case in point? The first comment here…pathetic

  • codine

    Agreed though about the “I’m Happy”…waters down the whole point

  • management

    the dudes that call Lil B wack keep Mac Miller in constant rotation

  • a guest but not really

    Codine … because i dont think the kid can rap and that he used that whole “im gay” as a marketing tool, and then got scared to follow through, means i cant accept someones differences ? i said the kid was gay but not homo they were jokes kinda like his ? u know “im gay , im happy” “hes gay, but not a homosexual” get it ? dont take it so seriously because u worship the based god bro …. pathetic (get it ?)

  • codine

    a guest…No, it’s not all about you. I was referring to the hip-hop community as a whole. You do realize using “fag” and “fucking loser” in context to “gay” means you are degrading what it means to be gay even if it is cynical right? “I’m gay, I’m happy” may seem like a cop out, but at least it is a positive metaphor. Your point was lost first time around, my apologies if it was meant to be progressive.

  • Andrew

    Shut up! Damn, all you guys are so dumb. Just let people be. Who cares if they are gay? Who cares if they are white or black? Just back off peoples’ nuts and let them be who they are, quit jumping to the web bitching about every little thing that happens in the world. I’m 21 and in college all we ever do is discuss racial and sexual equality over and over and over and we all get it! It’s you fucks that don’t get it. I don’t mean to come on here and be mean, but shit… don’t you guys have enough going on in your life? Worry about what you are doing and love music for being music.

    And I hope this doesn’t take away from my point for some of you, but Lil B can’t rap. Sorry, but no. Just because he has convinced some of you that what he is doing is awesome it’s not, he sucks.

  • management

    andrew is mad at the world ^^^ again he probably really loves Mac Miller

  • A guest but not really

    Codine … Cool ya I see your point most def, my bad.

  • Andrew

    Haha Management what does any of that have to do with mac miller!?

  • Andrew

    Oh nevermind, just saw your comment. Mac Miller is also a pretty terrible rapper a lot of the time, but I do like a few songs here and there.

  • CK

    @management: Using “listening to Mac Miller” as an insult is both childish and incorrect. For the record, I listen to both Lil B and Mac Miller and enjoy the talents of both rappers. Also for the record, I’ve been listening to Lil B since 2005 when he was part of The Pack, which was an awesome hyphy group. No need to insult Mac and other commenters just to try to be funny. No one laughed anyway.

    @Con: agree that adding “I’m Happy” is a cop out and fails to actually improve the state of being gay in rap music. At least it’s better than nothing.

  • management

    Mac Miller has no talents in regards to rap or the rap genre.

    also, there’s no such thing as an “awesome” hyphy group, that is an oxymoron.

    the issue i was bringing up is that people go out of their way to ensure everyone knows that they think Lil B is a terrible rapper. if you’re judging the guy on his rapping skills, then apparently they don’t get the music (or the joke behind it, depending on how you look at it). it’s comical.

    my statement in regards to Mac Miller was a joke as people REALLY hype him up when he’s a sub-par rapper, then get defensive about him.
    honestly, if he wasn’t white or associated with Rostrum no one would have ever bothered listening.

  • Tyleratron

    You’ve all missed the point, and the impact, of adding “I’m happy” to the title. Perception is king. He gets attacked and hated for the title when all he meant was that he’s happy. People threatened his life and he received other ridicule for it over being happy. What’s that say about society? Poetic justice at its finest.

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