New! Wingspan – “Wait A Minute” (Prod by Copywrite)


Well it looks like Wingspan decided to give himself a birthday present by releasing this new joint off of his upcoming *Growing Wings* album. This track is titled “Wait A Minute” & is produced by Copywrite. With every new track I’m hearing from Wingspan, I can certainly hear the progression. *Growing Wings* is on the way!

“I wrote “Wait A Minute” in a really dark period in my life. A period where I didn’t think I’d make it to my next birthday. I figured since today is my 21st birthday I’d release the second single off the upcoming ‘Growing Wings’. Support that real shit. Shout out Copywrite for the crazy beat.”

Wingspan – “Wait A Minute” (Prod by Copywrite) | Mediafire

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  • Solar

    Emo poor me rap songs have always been a long on-going pattern in hiphop. I’m not a fan of it, it sounds like whining and the reason is that the artist is focusing on himself in a way that I can’t relate. His microcosmic viewpoint doesn’t allow me to relate so he just comes off as some guy playing victim who wants me to put up with his emo song. Artists should make their personal pain more macrocosmic so people can feel what they’re saying. I think he should have spoken to his audience in a way that asks “have you felt like this?”. Instead he just blabs about himself. I can relate to eminems emo recovery album because he’s addressing the listener and relating his pain cleverly into things I can relate to.

  • Beemzy

    This is a dope! Copy came correct with the beat too..I can’t wait to hear the full Growing Wings project, i have high hopes for it

  • J shinn

    dope ass song can’t wait til growing wings drops

  • bjammin

    well said, Solar.

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