Sole & The Skyrider Band ft. Lil B – “Captain Bad Swag”


Ever since Sole announced Lil B would be on his album, I’ve been waiting to hear “Captain Bad Swag.” Sole has been in the game for years, staying pretty deep underground and although, like Lil B, he often goes off on stream-of-consciousness tangents, he’s far more abstract and cerebral than the Based God. This is the most surprising collaboration I’ve heard since Kweli worked with Gucci.

Today we unveil the latest track from Hello Cruel World which drops July 19th on Fake Four Inc. “Bad Captain Swag” feat. LILBTHEBASEDGOD and PICTUREPLANE is a song about the ongoing global economic crisis and its trickle down effects. Hello Cruel World is currently available for pre-order through Fake Four Inc here.

Sole and the Skyrider Band – “Bad Captain Swag” feat. Lil B & Pictureplane

  • Mic

    i don’t know, i guess i don’t get it. how is ‘stream-of-consciousness’ rap different from bad freestyle?

  • drunk Rabbit

    @Mic kinda like how stream of consciousness poetry isn’t just shitty sonnets or the way the Sex Pistols weren’t just shitty rock music. Genres expand and change, this is not a ‘bad freestyle’ just different and new. Maybe it will go down as a stain in the annals of rap and be like so many other failed expansions or maybe it will help birth a new and interesting. Either way i think it is worth a listen.

  • Andrew

    @Drunk Rabbit I definitely agree with you on the sex pistols and i’m sure there are some others, but i’ll have to agree with Mic on this one… Lil B sucks, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Michael Gregoire

    Peep the d*mn near 20 year retrospective of Sole’s career. Includes 3 rarities from his pre-Anticon era…

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