Video! Lupe Fiasco Interviewed By Bill O’Reilly


In case you missed it, here’s Lupe Fiasco on The O’Reilly Factor, trying to defend his statements about Obama being a terrorist. I bet you never thought you’d see Bill O’Reilly speaking to a rapper and having to defend President Obama. Feel free to hit the comments section with your thoughts on this whole “fiasco” (ugh, sorry).

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  • SK

    He presented his argument well. Like he said, he isn’t undermining everything the USA stands for or Obama, but just our foreign policy. A terrorist is somebody that uses violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. Thats exactly what USA has done in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and pretty much every other country we’ve intervened in (cold war ring a bell?).

    But as usual O’Reily just yells and shouts with out any support to try and prove his point. I bet that video has been edited a lot as well.

  • myjestik

    i cant wait to see what john stewart has to say.

  • Rabbit
  • antoine

    From a foreign point of view, O’Reilly is an idiot. From outside of your borders, America is not a noble country…

  • Abu Saud

    Not to be overly political, but it was the United State’s paranoia of communism in the 80’s which caused it to indirectly intervene in afghanistan by sending Osama Bin Laden and other fighters to fight the Soviets, giving them CIA training and $3 billion. So Lupe has a point, if US foreign policy isn’t creating terrorists or dictators, they certainly give many reasons for anti US (and anti US allies) terrorism to exist. But of course O’Reilly wants to twist things around, as is the usual agenda for Faux News.

  • flap

    my beef with lupe is not with what he said, but his inability to articulate his argument. so now you have a bunch of lupe fans (read: impressionable youth) that will parrot his sentiments without understanding US foreign policy and global economics. o’reilly is just as bad, and does the same to a different audience, so dont think im defending him or rightwing news.

    but lupe is dumbass. he wants to come across like this holier-than-thou activist when all he’s really doing is echoing NWA’s anti-establishment “fuck the police” for the sake of being different/controversial.

    even if you agree with him (and i do in principle), he did such a terrible job defending his position that it cheapens other’s voices with similar sentiments.

    fortunately, lupe doesn’t have enough star power to make much of a ripple outside of indie blogs. if he did, he would’ve single-handedly marginalized “conscious rappers” and the like as left-wing conspiracy theorist nut jobs.

  • Drake

    Amen to that Flap

  • Bear

    So,to be technical, it is Fox News taking things out of context. Arrg, Fox is a terrible joke of a news station. Sadface

  • rose_ettastone

    I feel like Lupe was a little too easy on O’Reilly. I also feel like Lupe let his angry get the best of him. His points were good, but didn’t pack as much punch as I thought.

  • Nick

    Listen, you can bash Fox News and/or O‚ÄôReilly all you want and you can defend Mr. Fiasco to your heart’s content, but the fact of the matter is that Lupe Fiasco called the U.S. president a terrorist. Yes, to be technical, a “terrorist” is one who simply utilizes terror to accomplish his agenda, and in that sense, Lupe may be correct in applying that term to the current and past U.S. presidents, but he knows that “terrorist” is a loaded term with certain connotations that will get him a lot of publicity. I’m not sure his purpose is as noble as you all make it out to be.

  • codine

    Flap wins. Antoine loses. America’s foreign policy is so poorly understood it is frightening. But who cares, this is a music site remember?

    Now back to Drizzy soundin and Lyyke lookin good!

  • CK

    Not to attack you Codine, but I have to say, no one “wins” and “loses.” People have different opinions, this is not a contest. Furthermore, many people understand America’s foreign policy perfectly. I, for example, like to think I have a pretty good grasp on it. Who cares if this is a music site? Does that mean that politics are automatically not allowed to be discussed here? The thing I love about P&P is that Con is not afraid to bring up “real world” issues and problems in his posts.

    To get to the actual video, I would have liked to have seen an actual debate between O’Reilly and Lupe, but I’ve seen far too many clips to not know that O’Reilly does not provide even a close situation that would resemble and a fair and unbiased debate. Obviously, Lupe is correct in is points and correct in calling Obama a terrorist in the connotations he meant those statements to be taken in (in context), but O’Reilly will always use the logical fallacy of appealing to emotion.

    As for comments such as flap’s, it was literally impossible for Lupe to fully articulate his points on O’Reilly’s show. Sure, you could say he didn’t do the best job of trying to argue against O’Reilly calmly and logically, but that’s like trying to argue with a brick wall, so I can’t blame Lupe for arguing the way he did in this segment. Other places where I’ve seen Lupe discuss his political stances, he seems to more completely articulate his position, so I don’t think he only expresses his radical views for the sake of being different/controversial, although I could definitely be wrong. Again, as far as I can tell, Lupe truly believes in the opinions he spouts, and he has definitely received far greater press for his actual rapping abilities than his political stances. Even other musical problems, like his whole thing with Atlantic, are more well-known than his radical political stances. I think Lupe is a genuine person and I agree with his opinions.

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