Video! Polo Unicorn – “Deals On The Side”


In this great age of information, it’s hard to find things that make you go “huh?” These days, if you don’t know something about something, you Google it and likely become an expert within two minutes, making it easy to put almost anything into context. But this? Huh?

When you hear about an artist that wears masks and goes by Polo Unicorn, you might think of some kind of trippy, experimental pop. You probably wouldn’t expect the Lex Luger-type beat and pitch-shifted vocals of “Deals On The Side.” With stuff like Lil B, Odd Future, and Kreayshawn seeing mainstream success, I guess nothing should be surprising. The weirdest part? I think I like it.

Hit the jump to watch…

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  • bjammin


  • Montana

    Wow… that was shit…

  • management

    haha this is terrible. and not in a good way. Kreay Kreay and Lil B can at least take over the track and make it theirs, this guy sounds like a DJ Paul wannabe

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