Amy Winehouse Dead At Age 27


It’s been confirmed by Sky News that Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her London apartment at the infamous age of 27. The cause of death isn’t known yet, but Amy has struggled with heavy alcohol and drug use, which many are assuming played a role in her death.

Over the past few years, the English singer/songwriter has become more known for her on-stage breakdowns and public displays of debauchery than anything having to do with her music. The tabloids have feasted on a clearly troubled young woman, and we’ve all watched as things seemed to get worse and worse.

Hopefully Amy Winehouse will be remembered for her immense talent.

RIP Amy Winehouse.

  • Ptown Hero

    This is truly, truly sad. She really had a once in a generation voice and talent. It’s a shame that some people were more concerned with reading the next tabloid piece about her, and not with being understanding and sympathetic to a young, hugely talented person, who had substance abuse issues.

    Regardless, I, for one, will be throwing on Back to Black today. May she find eternal rest now.

  • Jordan

    I’m sorry but she’ll be remembered for her drug use not her music. First thing I thought of when I heard she died was “She probably died of an overdose.” not “oh we lost a good musician”

  • Confusion

    That’s what people think now, because for the past few years she’s constantly been in the news due to her problems. But the only reason we knew her in the first place is because of the music.

    2 years down the road, most people are not going to care about some breakdown she had on stage, but they will remember her music. We’ll see. I think it would be a shame if she was just remembered for doing drugs, because she was really talented.

  • myjestik

    she’ll forever be known for back to black.

  • Noah Vinson

    damn shame..R.I.P

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