Frank Ocean – “Thinking About You”


No one seems to be entirely sure what the deal is with this song. Word on the street (P4K, so not really “the street”) is that it was uploaded to Tumblr then taken down quickly. Either way, we’ve got some new Frank Ocean. With his Def Jam refurbishing of Nostalgia, Ultra on hold and his appearances on Watch The Throne not coming out for a little while, I’ll take any Frank Ocean I can get my hands on for now. And this one’s very in the vein of his other work, I’m really feeling it.

Frank Ocean – Thinking About You

  • Jimmy

    So much better than the songs leaked in July.. was getting scared, now I’m okay

  • Mikael

    Another really good song by Frank Ocean.

    However, my favorite is this one, from when he was still Lonnie Breaux:

  • CK

    FYI, it’s not working at the moment.

  • Maboo

    This is not his best song – but it’s a meme..

    Rap Genius explanation was pretty interesting though:

  • adam

    not working for me and hasnt been for 2 days

  • Ali

    Apparently the song is a demo for this Bridget girl who just got signed to Def Jam records.

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