My Top 10 Favorite Songs (From Kayla, A 10-Year-Old Girl)


Kayla, P&P’s youngest contributor, usually focuses on one song a month. I send her over some new track each month, ask her what she thinks, and she writes up a little review for a feature that we’ve been calling Letters From Kayla.

I hadn’t sent Kayla anything this month, so she took matters into her own hands and sent me this list of her top 10 favorite songs. Proactive for a 10-year-old, huh? When I was 10 I wouldn’t do anything besides pick my nose and eat stuff off the floor unless I was prodded with something sharp. But that story is more for my diary and less for this music blog.

Here we go, Kayla’s picks…

These are my top 10 favorite songs and why there my favorite.

1. Samuel – “I Heart NY”

I LOVE this song!! its my favorite!! its my favorite beacause i love the lyrics and the beat everything about it and also i really like that its about new york!

2. Selena Gomez – Love you Like a Love Song

I like this song because first of all its by Selena Gomez and shes my favorite celeb/singer i like the techno effect and the meaning which is like how crazy or in love you are with someone its basicly a fun way of inturpreting diffrent styles of love

3. Avril Lavigne – “Smile”

I like this song because of the lyrics and the meaning which is like that you should always smile and look at the bright side of things.

4. Nicki Minaj – “Superbass”

This song is my fav because i like how she raps then goes straight into regular singing. i also like the beat its something to dance to. i know every word to this song

5. Katy Perry – “T.G.I.F”

i love this song because its like the anthem to Friday TGIF, and also i like the lyrics and the beat would be great to dance to.

6. J-Lo and Pit-Bull – “On the Floor”

I like this song because i love pit bull so i love the part when he raps and j-lo has a really great voice so together they sound awesome. also i like at the end how it doesn’t die down it gets more pumped up.

7. Ke$ha – “Crazy Beautiful Life”

I like this song because it has an up beat and i also like the words and that its ke$ha, since i love her.

8. LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem”

I love this song because it has an awesome beat that great to dance to and i like how its kind of techno also i like how they sing they’re really good.

9. Rihanna – “Who’s That Chick”

I like this song because rihanna is a really good singer and it has a good beat and i like how she sings.

10. Nicki Minaj – “Moment 4 Life”

I like how she raps in the beginning shes a really good rapper i also like the beat and the part with drake because he makes it even better how he raps also i like how Nicki goes from rapping to singing.


There you have it. Shoutout to Kayla. She already knows every word to “Super Bass”? Ugh, I don’t think I even learned how to talk until I was 12. Next feature: YouTube video of Kayla reciting every word to “Super Bass”? I think so. Kayla, get on that – you’re probably better than I am at YouTube.

  • Kevin Prince

    Really everything that you would expect a 10 year old girl to listen to.

  • the mix mason

    part of yet another generation of youth who misuse the term “techno”

  • goovin

    Haha cute

  • Confusion

    Haha nooobody listens to technooo

  • Bugga

    I’m surprised she didn’t say something about the guy in the leopard outfit in the party rock anthem song…being my mini-me that is something she would usually comment on…and i’m positive she has no idea what real techno music is because it’s banned in our house.

  • Confusion

    Bugga can you pleeease make her make a YouTube of herself doing “Super Bass”? That would be awesome. But make her practice a lot first and get really good. And also you have to let her swear during it because that will make it more funny.

  • sd

    It is pretty awesome. I’ve seen her do it. I can also attest to her love of “I Heart New York” makes me play it over and over in the car. I have no objections though.

  • Bugga

    I’ll think about it…i don’t know about the swearing though

  • Confusion

    Haha that’s great. I need to see her do Super Bass

  • Confusion

    Does she only know the clean version? If thats the case, then fine. But if she already knows the explicit version then you gotta let her do it

  • JCE1236


  • David

    Haha Kayla is the baddest bitch already and she’s only 10. I love when she is featured.

  • Pancakes

    Confusion is like Willy Wonka, and Kayla is like his Charlie Bucket. haha

    I ain’t even mad at this playlist, either. And I’m glad she’s looking to someone like Selena Gomez as her favorite celeb, rather than someone like Taylor Momsen. lol

    Everyday, I’m shufflin’.

  • Rivas

    I’m waiting for the douchey punctuation/spelling snobs to get on this 10yr olds post.

    Bugga, you should get your girl a pair of 1200’s. She seems to love music get her to dj…

  • bjammin

    who cares. seriously.

  • Confusion

    I care. To me, it’s really interesting. Blogs/critics are all influenced by image, superiors, perspective, whatever. Kayla isn’t influenced by anything, except maybe her mom. She just says whatever she wants. She doesn’t care about who wrote/produced a song. She doesn’t care about song structure or chord progression. She surely doesn’t even know what post punk, electro, or chillwave is. And she’s definitely not worried about picking the perfect adjective to describe the mood or vibe she gets from the song.

    To be honest, I have gotten completely sick of reading music reviews. You can almost feel the pain seeping through every word of a critic’s review as he or she struggles to add words in order to meet their deadline. That’s not how motherfuckers should be talking about music. There are plenty of strong voices that spend weeks on articles to create a masterpiece, but the internet has changed that. Those people are becoming less relevant, and the rats stepping up to take their place are just working with a revolving platter of adjectives. “Here is the new single from _____. The new album comes out on ______. It sounds a lot more upbeat than his previous album, but still has that same dope sound! Ugh. I’d rather you just post the song and write me a story about what you did in the past 20 minutes. Shit I’d rather you post a picture of your dog or tell a story about your cousin. Reviews are just getting so repetitive.

    So yeah, it is a 10 year old giving you a list of her favorite songs. There are spelling errors, there is obvious repetition at the beginning of each sentence. There is a heavy influence of radio and TV. Most P&P readers probably don’t like most of these songs. But Kayla is more honest than any reviewer out there, and to me, that is valuable and interesting, and it’s refreshing to hear how a 10 year old thinks about music.

  • antoine

    I love this feature on P&P! I’m surprised she put Samuel #1, it’s not a very popular song.
    My sister in 10 too, and she listen to the same type of music. However she also listens to french generic music that make the shit worse…

  • PRES10

    Thanks Kayla! you did a great job! We really enjoy reading your reviews=)some people on blogs say mean things because there not that cool=( but were better than that!keep up the good work!!!!

  • Nicole

    its np im kaylas bff and u rock jacob 4 letting her have her own blog shot out 2 u 2 kayla love ur playlist thing

    love ya k,

  • Confusion

    Thanks Nicole! Glad you like it. Maybe you and she can do a joint post some time!

  • kayla

    Jacob nicole is the one that wants too do the video but she wants to wear a pink wig like in the music video and thx nikki

  • CK

    Gotta be honest, I couldn’t stop the reflexive cringe at some of these choices, but then I reminded myself that she’s 12. In that case, great choices Kayla! Because they are your own choices, even if you’ve been influenced to whatever degree by the media or whathaveyou. That’s inevitable. At least you have Samuel #1, that’s pretty cool. I can respect a lot of the other choices too, while I don’t really listen to Selena Gomez’s music, I saw an interview with her and she seems like a great person/role model. Again, not my favorite artist, but Nicki Minaj is certainly talented. So’s Rihanna and that LMFAO is ridiculously catchy. Great choices, love the feature, keep it going!

    PS: @bjammin: I care too. Honestly, besides all the great points Con already made, if you truly don’t care, it’s pretty simple: Don’t read it. Why spend time reading/commenting on something you don’t care about? The fact that you commented contradicts your statement on SOME level and shows that you have at least an inkling of caring in you, enough that you felt the need to falsely go against that feeling.

  • nicole

    kayla we should totally do the video in pink wigs nicki would want us to

  • nicole

    and bjammin i care ok THATS WHO!!!

  • GO

    How do little girls like this know how to use the internet so good? I could barely operate my gameboy colour at that age

  • Sold

    slightly disturbed at her knowing the lyrics and liking the lyrics to TGIF by Katy Perry, considering she mentions having a ‘menage a trois’…. mmm, the artists influencing the youth of today!

  • Crisp

    haaaaa love these posts. Made my day.

  • nicole

    haha i <3 this site and its not just cuz my bff is on it o and EVERYONE SAY HAPPY B-DAY 2 KAYLA!!!!!!!!!

  • Sophia

    that exacatly what I listen to and I’m 10 too

  • Confusion

    Sophia you shouldn’t be on P&P. You shouldn’t even be on the internet go play in a tree.

  • Irina

    Cool!!!! I love the same songs

  • katana 10 girl

    I need
    a song with no curse words dude

  • TwinFireSigns

    I love Smile by Avril Lavigne, though it has some swears : lol but it IS awesome.

  • freashsweety

    These are great choices you think wisly I need some of the songs

  • mehru


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