New Obsession:


It’s every music blogger’s dream – to be a DJ – but not a real DJ, because that would require putting pants on. is like a virtual room of nerdy avatars with designated spots up front for DJs to spin. You can upload songs from your hard drive or choose from the fairly substantial library that exists on Turntable.

It’s also kind of a game, because when the crowd likes your selection, they can click a button that says “Awesome” and you earn points, which can be spent on less nerdy avatars. When people hate your selection, they click “Lame,” and if enough people agree that your pick is shit, your song gets skipped, sucker. During this whole process, there’s a chat box in the side that usually starts with conversation about music and ventures into the obscene, depending on what kind of creeps (me) are in the room.

In a world of social-everything, it’s a great way to waste hours of your life listening to music in an interactive way. I’m not saying this as any part of a plug or paid post (but, you should pay me) – I just discovered the site a couple of days ago and have been spending a lot of time in the Pigeons and Planes Room with P&P readers, random listeners, other bloggers (shoutout to Lydia) and trolls.

It’s a good time, and anyone with a Facebook friend can join in, so friend me and stop by.

As I was wrapping up this post, I went onto TTFM to take a screenshot and saw that Mostly Junkfood had a room, so I went in there. Apparently I’m not the only blogger who loves TTFM enough to blog about it.

  • Tony Stark

    You are not the only one haha, man thanks for putting me onto this. really fun

  • Noory

    sucks how this is only available in the US

  • BelowTheHeavens

    Thanks for turning me onto this Con! I jumped in the room last night and had some fun.. will definitely be back

  • Lydia – Sunset in the Rearview

    Haha…and we’re in the process of writing one on Sunset. Damn.

  • TexasFight

    I really want to try this site out since you keep tweeting about it but it’s not available in Argentina yet!


  • randomxette

    yess this looks fun!

  • GR

    I wish I was obsessed. No access in canada though. I’ve tried proxies too. Still don’t understand the front page directions. Like, invatations?

  • Monster

    Con, Ryan Adams “Come Pick Me Up” is the best track in your screen shot playlist up there. Maybe not for TTFM, but just in general.

  • Chopz

    This is dope! I’m gonna be playing around in here til I get the gorilla avatar hah

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