Childish Gambino Debuts New Song Live (Video)


P&P feels like early 1980’s MTV this week. Just video after video. If you have problems sitting through an entire 4 1/2 minute short film to music, then go find some Ritalin, because you’re going to want to see this. Donald Glover was trolling around NYC last night just itching to perform in some random venue, as evidenced by the Tweet below.

Apparently he settled on Bowery Poetry Room, as evidenced by the video after the jump. We’re seeing more and more of this new Camp material being leaked out as Childish Gambino performs live sets. Not sure the name of this new cut yet, but I’m sure we’ll discover more about it as the weekend unfolds. Enjoy.


  • Mic

    gambino might as well do a free show, based on just this performance, I don’t think I’d pay money to see it. Maybe the rest was better

  • kheir

    pretty dope, he’s a good performer, singing might of been a bit off but overall still impressive, hope he gets big

  • CK

    This is a great performance, and the singing was not off at all. He seemed completely on-key to me, not ever having heard the song before obviously. He didn’t sing it extremely loudly, but I’m pretty sure it’s difficult and intimidating to perform new material for the 1st time live, and it’s difficult to transition straight from rapping to singing. Still sounded fantastic to me, and it just makes me more excited for Camp. Honestly, if you thought this was a bad live performance, either you’ve never performed live or you didn’t really pay attention.

  • thedopeness

    haha, “don’t say that!”

  • Magik

    Nah, Gambino can perform a live show. I saw him at Rock the Bells SF and he got hyped. So much fun. I’d see him again. I think it was because of the environment he was in this time. The song seems dope though.

  • UY

    He’s got a DUCKSAUCE shirt! Barbra Streisand what up!

  • a guest but not really

    this dude is so dope. always performing for free. for the love of music. and he makes good music.

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