Coldplay – “Paradise”


Here’s some second single business from British stadium rockers Coldplay, from their album Mylo Xyloto which is released October 24th. I was quite enjoying the lush production and swirling strings, and wasn’t at all mad at the typically catchy Chris Martin chorus. And then from my speakers comes the kind of meaninglessly “poetical” non sequitur of a couplet that makes me want to torture cute things.

Life goes on, it gets so heavy/ The wheel breaks the butterfly

Really. Reaaallly? If you can find merit in those two lines, you’re a better (wo)man than I. Check out the track, which is available to purchase today, below, and hit the jump for the tracklisting which includes one very surprising guest appearance.

Mylo Xyloto tracklist:
1. Mylo Xyloto
2. Hurts Like Heaven
3. Paradise
4. Charlie Brown
5. Us Against The World
6. M.M.I.X.
7. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
8. Major Minus
9. U.F.O.
10. Princess of China (feat. Rihanna)
11. Up In Flames
12. A Hopeful Transmission
13. Don’t Let It Break Your Heart
14. Up With The Birds

  • Fischer

    This is what I like to hear from Coldplay. I hope the album is more of this and less of the U2-lite nonsense they’ve been doing lately.

  • murg

    did a little research because i had never heard the expression but it means that putting more effort into something than is necessary…the wheel was an old torture device and obviously wouldn’t be of need to “break” a butterfly…now what that means in the song is still up for debate, kind of sounds like life can beat up on humans pretty bad but just have to keep moving forward with hope of better things

  • Joel

    I think it has some meaning, the girl in the song is the “butterfly”, (beautiful but ultimately small and powerless in this situation)and the wheel, being “life” (heavy and always rolling forward) has “broken” her (not physically, obviously). Just my two cents’ worth. I also like Murg’s interpretation.

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