Florence and The Machine – “Shake It Out (The Weeknd Remix)”


I never imagined The Weeknd sitting around listening to Florence and The Machine, but for whatever reason, Abel was compelled to remix the new single. The lyrics in “Shake It Out” flirt with some darkness, as Florence belts out about the devil on her back and dealing with a graceless heart. Still, it has a triumphant feel to it. Not anymore.

The Weeknd dragged this song into his world, and it’s a world of pain, darkness, and no signs of triumph in the now deflated chorus. It’s everything you’d hope for in a remix from The Weeknd, except his own added vocals, which might have been cool.

Florence and The Machine – “Shake It Out (The Weeknd Remix)”

  • senco

    So dope… Does the weeknd produce most of his own songs?

    The other official remix of this song by Benni Benasi is awesome as well. definitely worth checking out

  • http://twitter.com/itsivanibarra management

    the Weeknd is secretly a group…well not so secret..but more than just Abel… so as far as “his,” then yes that is correct. they produce most of their own work

  • http://twitter.com/itsivanibarra management

    although it is confusing, some outlets report the weeknd as Abel only..while others report it as a group consisting of him and producers.

    through the grapevine from a buddy who’s talked to his/their camp, his understanding is that it was a group

    confusing right?

  • fuente


  • http://waavedada.tumblr.com waavedada

    amazing. check out the photoshoot to this song! http://youtu.be/B_GEvLzO36A

  • Sire_XLVII

    ill…love it. with the number of demons making music in abel how won’t it be a group. lol. but it’s just so beautiful. “…that which nourishes me, kills me also” *sigh*

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