Frank Ocean – “Swim Good” (Video)


(Frank Ocean + samurai sword + Pacific Coast + Lincoln Town Car with a big trunk) x trifling female = the video for “Swim Good”. It was directed by Nabil Elderkin, who also worked with Frank on the visuals for “Novacane”, and has directed features for a few other people you may have heard of (some guy named Kanye West?).

Shit gets kinda crazy in this one, give it a look after the jump.


    Reminds me of the Acura Integral video… This videos is sick…. Mad feeling it

  • myjestik

    it looks just like acura integral.

  • CK

    I think Monster missed the P&P-wide memo to use the phrase “This shit cray” as much as possible.

  • CK

    Follow-up comment: This some Wu Tang shit. Cool.

  • waavedada

    love frank ocean. check these out too!

  • SK

    Highway 1 in California?

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