Skizzy Mars – “Together”


New track from Skizzy Mars. The young rapper’s only got a handful of songs, but he’s proven his ear for flipping melodies into instantly accessible tunes of his own. With every release this kid’s buzz keeps building. Seems like prime time for a full project.

Skizzy Mars – “Together”

  • Adam

    Like everything I’ve heard from skizzy, but for an artist with only a few songs to his name, don’t think it’s smart to make this song not downloadable.

  • Relyt

    it was downloadable last night when he posted it. not sure why it isn’t downloadable now

  • SK

    Do I smell a P&P sponsored skizzy mix tape?

  • management

    it’s downloadable, there’s a down arrow symbol on the right of the soundcloud square. click on that and the download button pops up

    i’ve liked everything i’m heard from Skizzy..this is no different

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