Jay Electronica ft. Mobb Deep – “Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 3)”


The fact that Jay Electronica never puts out music is kind of shitty, in a way. It’s shitty in that we never have new Jay Electronica music. But in other ways, it’s kind of elevated Jay Elec to another level. Maybe it’s because he can take time and put thought into his music. Or maybe it just makes it feel special when he does decide to drop a song.

I’m not sure how he gets away with putting out so little, but he’s certainly gained the respect of many and he always comes with that “what I’m saying is important” delivery. Here’s his latest, called “Call of Duty (MW3)” featuring Mobb Deep.

Jay Electronica ft. Mobb Deep – “Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 3)”

Hit the jump to read the lyrics, courtesy of Rap Radar

You know the story goes..
When Real see Real
We recognize
When you seee the steel flash
You petrified
Steve Jobs seen death after just retiring
Takes Vision to Build
God Bless the Dead,
That’s Mac, That’s Pac, That’s Pun, That’s Big.

Niggas know the Sunshine Eternal
I burn slow like Disco Inferno
Burn slow like blunts with yayo

I went from Myspace to the top of the food chain
The Sperm hit the Egg like a missle then 9 months later The Celebratory News came
Exhibit C gave the Whole world a mood change

Niggas call my album is detox
Cause they know I’m finna bring the chronic

RocNation ColeWorld
Its a wrap nigga
Put yo diamonds in the sky take that nigga

Put your diamonds in the sky
And repeat after me if you tired of getting by
As time go by an eye for eye
We in this together son your beef is mine

Put your diamonds in the sky
And repeat after me if you tired of living lies
As time go by an eye for eye
We in this together son your beef is mine

To whom it may concern
If its hate
Wait your turn
Dig a crate
Make a urn

Please God tell Flex drop a bomb on me
Tell the Minister to tattoo the Quran on me
before the men in black try to pin a crime on me
and rupert murdock and his goons get to lyin on me

The Lord is my Shepherd
so tell the Royal Family to order my records
And spread em cross europe in a organized method
We could heal the planet with a organized effort
The Jews and the Christians and th Muslims and the buddhist and the Seiks, and scientologist they all are my brethren
Play this on radio
You never heard another nigga say this on the radio
I made it out the ghettio
Brunch with the Rothchilds
Dinner with the Carters
Jay Electstopthepress
Criticalest Artist

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  • http://myjestikblog.com myjestik

    jay rhymed like a jay-z with a deeper voice.

  • CK

    This is an all-around odd track. The artwork above is very odd (who is that random white dude?). The title of the track is odd in comparison to the content of the song. What does this song have to do with 1 of the most anticipated games of the year?

  • Confusion

    Jay Elec’s just too deep for you haha. I’m gonna find out who that is on the cover now. I’m sure it’s someone historical

  • Confusion

    Yep, we’re dumb. It’s Winston Churchill.

  • CK

    Oh psh, no one knows what YOUNG Winston Churchill looks like. (I say this because I probably wouldn’t identify the big WC even in his prime). I still don’t get what the lyrics have to do with a video game but w/e.

  • katsu

    I dont think this has to a lot to do with the game dropping.. its just appropriate for the topic. Helping to change the world is he is call of duty….

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