Lupe Fiasco (ft. Ellie Goulding x Bassnectar) – “LightWork”


Lupe Fiasco is about to #OccupyYourHeadphones. Chicago’s political patriot and defender of the common man is finally back to doing what he does best, recording music. Fiasco just fired off the first leak from his previously thought to be scratched mixtape, Friend Of The People, which is now scheduled for a Thanksgiving Day release.

“LightWork” has him going in on the Bassnectar remix of Ellie Goulding‘s “Lights”. After the general bashing Lasers took, you’d have to think Lupe has a lot riding on this next release. So here’s our first taste, let the great debate begin…

Lupe Fiasco (ft. Ellie Goulding x Bassnectar) – “LightWork”

Download HERE.

  • Jason

    Eeeeek this is awful!

  • Ben

    Ellie’s song was beautiful. Bassnectar transformed her music into something meant to be felt throughout the listener’s body. Lupe’s uninspired verses deflate all energy, expression, and emotion. One day, I hope to see Confusion include this on a list of ten songs where “less is more”

  • Terry

    This is kinda sad.

  • Maisley

    Lupe is trying to rap to inspire 12 year olds now.. its so sad

  • CK

    Really? Lupe’s verses deflate all energy, expression, and emotion? And Lupe is trying to inspire 12 year olds now? Maybe I love Lupe too much, but this song is fine with me, it’s gonna be on a mixtape, it’s not groundbreaking because we’ve all heard the original Ellie Goulding song before and the Bassnectar remix, but I still just love hearing some new Lupe verses. Oh, and Lupe has more “energy, expression, and emotion” in one verse than you’ve probably experienced in your life. Lupe is the epitome of the rapper that cares and gets angry about social issues. I also didn’t know 12-year-olds were inspired by discussion of the Black Panthers, the CIA, Sankofa, The Boondocks, Dead Presidents, and New Jack City.

  • Frank

    Despite this not being up there with his best work, it’s still better than the majority of songs from his last album.

  • JuiceSwag

    The coincidence of this being put out the same day Confusion drops that post about overused tracks for remixes is uncanny.

  • w.m.j.

    I would rather kill take it up the ass from all unemployed NBA players than to listen to this song, and any Laser-esk songs again.

  • Liz

    Lupe + my fav dubstep song ever can’t be bad, don’t hate kids.

  • GWC

    Agreed w/ CK. It’s a mixtape track, and it’s good for what it is, very good actually. The people who didn’t like this song heard lupe somewhat-lazily dropping a verse over a dope bassnectar remix.

    Give it a few more listens, he spits a complicated verse with so much ease. It always takes a couple repeats to really appreciate a verse from Lupe.

  • theuncool2011

    you idiots that highly criticize this are kinda funny. im seriously laughing at your comments. This beats most of Lasers (and yet Lasers itself beat plenty of crappy overrated artists. i.e. Khalifa’s Rolling Papers). You bitches complain yet i bet if Wayne, Khalifa, or fuck even Tyga used this exact same beat & talked about non meaningful or non connected things, everyone wouldnt look down on this. im sure most of these comments were influenced by previous ones.

  • @EdgarEliud5

    I think it’s ok it’s lupe my favorite Hip HoPolitician the beat is dope I’m a download the song without lupe not cause I didn’t like it but cause it’s fucking ill please know I’ve only listens to this song once but after a few repeats I’m sure I’ll catch WTF wasalu is talkin bout and as for

  • @EdgarEliud5

    Where can I get the Ellie Goulding + Bassnectar track at? Help!

  • Monster

    A mixed bag of responses here kids. I personally don’t mind the track, certainly not his best material but as stated by a few before, this is a mixtape leak. It’s not full-blown studio, LP material. Take it for what it’s worth.

    I’d look at it this way, what’s worse – Lupe coming slightly soft by his own standards or no new Lupe at all? He set the bar so high with his early material that now everything he does gets ripped, that’s what’s sad.

  • daydreamin

    FnF UP!

    New gang alert: hashtag #occupies

    Lupe is MUCH bigger an important than some of you realize. Dude is a revolutionary and speaks FOR THE PEOPLE!!!

  • Maisley

    This is a mixtape song: just means its free to the fans.. Thats no reason to justify it being low quality “mixtape music” (eg. Good Fridays, Kush&OJ). Lupe always used to be about “quality over quantity.” This sounds like a freestyle made on garageband with some shitty vocal effects and a one track instrumental of a popular dubstep beat. I would rather just read Lupe’s lyrics. And @monster i would have to say no Lupe at all would best. How sad would it be if Tupac was still alive but making shit like this?

  • Monster

    Clearly in no position to make guesses as to what Tupac would or would not be doing if he were still alive today, but I think it’s safe to say that almost every veteran band or performer eventually releases something that “disappoints” the masses. That ability to either thrill or fail a fan base exists with every piece of music that gets recorded. It’s the inherent risk these people take on as performers and I think that’s part of the appeal that we as fans thrive off of. Of course nothing speaks louder than the music, and whether or not it’s good or for “you” specifically is up for each of us to determine. It’s really interesting to see how passionate people have gotten about this topic and particular song. I’m glad it sparked a great discussion.

  • CK

    You’re right Maisley: Just because it’s on a mixtape doesn’t mean it should be low quality. I guess I just disagree with you because I don’t think this track IS low quality. As I said in my above comment, have we all heard the original song and the Bassnectar song like a million times? Yeah, of course, if you follow blogs and all that you’ve heard everyone remix Ellie’s shit. But I don’t think that takes away from the inherent goodness of this song. Meaning just because you’ve heard it a million times doesn’t make it a bad song. And if you actually listen to Lupe’s lyrics, I think they’re good lyrics. He’s not like talking about going to the club and fucking bitches. He’s still Lupe. I also don’t think it “sounds like a freestyle made on garageband with some shitty vocal effects and a one track instrumental of a popular dubstep beat” but I guess to each their own.

  • Vinny V

    The original Bassnectar/Ellie Goulding track is off of Bassnectar’s album Divergent Spectrum.

    Not that I don’t like the song with Lupe on it, but I’m more of a fan of the original. Both are good songs in their own right.

  • jay

    I dunno about this. I get a really uneasy feeling that this is the product of a commercially minded business plan (whether that’s Lupe’s choice or the label’s, I can only hope it’s the latter). But despite this I think the track was really quite shallow, and I mean that in the way that if you compare it to the complexities of Kick Push or whatever, it looks like shit.

    BUT, saying that, I think the worst thing about this track is how the verses don’t fit the beat. Maybe he’ll find some better beats for the rest of the mixtape and we can nostalgia a little bit for food ‘n’ liquor.

  • Aaron

    This weak-a** formula. He needs to completely stay away from any song that involves a emo/pop/rock/alternative chicking singing his hook.

    Since when has that been ok to do in hip-hop anyway? It’s such a played formula… the whole dark, emotional sounding raps/beats accompanying some sad-a** sounding white girl singing the hook. Lame. Eminem, B.o.B, Lil Wayne, Drake, Wale, Rick Ross, and the list goes on… cliche.


    I just think all the haters need to click play just few more times, and pay a bit more attention to the context of the lyrics. Lupe killed that beat! Comparing this song to most Lasers material and it think it’s on par- if not better.

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