Mixtape: Pate – ‘Take Off In T-Minus 2′


The outer space theme has been beaten to a pulp over the years. I’m not sure when/why rap’s fascination with space started, but everyone is either an alien or an astronaut these days. The problem is, there are so many people claiming to be from out of this world and sounding like a thousand other Earthlings. One thing about this guy: he stands out.

Pate‘s delivery is as clear and sharp as a shard of glass. He goes heavy with the punchlines, but maintains a deadpan delivery that’s impossible not to take seriously. Oh, and the beats? Woof. I just got through one listen and yeah, this is a very, very good mixtape. Check out a couple songs below.

Pate ft. Daddy O- “System Overload”

Pate – “No Humble”

Thanks to Modi at DCtoBC for sending over. Hit the jump for back cover and download link…

Mixtape: Pate – ‘Take Off In T-Minus 2″

Mixtape: Pate – ‘Take Off In T-Minus 2″

  • http://smoking40sontheinternet.com MrWalker54

    Yo this is that work. Shout out to Pate.

  • CK

    Upon first listen to “System Overload,” did he take Mac Miller’s beat? Though it may seem more likely to be vice versa, I think Mac’s song came out first.

  • Goon

    @CK: He probably just went in over Mac’s beat. It’s a mixtape, rappers do it all the time.

  • CK

    Yeah, sorry, I didn’t mean to sound accusatory in my 1st comment, I just was wondering if I had identified the beat correctly. Cool stuff.

  • http://gwclabelme.blogspot.com/ GWC

    I approve, this is dope.

  • BL

    This kid puts on so hard!!

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