The Decemberists – “Foregone” & “E. Watson”


The Decemberists‘ last project was a short one. The King Is Dead was trimmed down to only ten tracks. The downside of this is obvious, but there’s also a positive that is just now revealing itself: The Decemberists have a full clip of tracks that didn’t make it to the album, and they aren’t throwaways either. PowPowPow. They’ll be putting the songs together for a six song follow-up EP called Long Live The King, out November 1st. Check out two songs below, courtesy of Vulture and Paste.

The Decemberists – “Foregone”

The Decemberists – “E. Watson”

  • CK

    I’ve been a Decemberists fan for a solid chunk of time now. I LOVED The Hazards of Love and could not stop listening to it at all, it was almost perfect to me. Then I downloaded The King Is Dead and kind of hated it (except for “Down by the Water” which I subsequently listened to 30+ times). It just didn’t do anything for me and had WAY too much country twang for my liking. That said, I’m still a big Decemberists fan and always look forward to new material, even if it’s King Is Dead-type material (bleh).

  • Confusion

    Agreed. The King Is Dead was solid, but it didn’t have a lot of twang. “Down By The Water” is a sick song though. I also really liked “June Hymn.” I’m the same way though, this new material isn’t up there with my favorites from them, but still always looking forward to hearing new Decemberists songs.

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