Video: Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, and The Roots Do “The History Of Rap Pt. 3″


Jimmy Fallon is a likable guy, but he wasn’t doing too well when his talk show first started. To most, he was first and foremost a live performer on Saturday Night Live, and his skills as a talk show host were shaky at best. But there are a couple things he’s done right. First of all, The Roots. And then you’ve got this enlightening “History Of Rap” that Fallon does with Justin Timberlake that makes us all like Fallon (and JT) a little more.

This time around, they give a high-energy history lesson/performance and review the likes of Run DMC, Lauryn Hill, The Beastie Boys, Outkast, and the song that’s been stuck in everyone’s head: Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.”

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  • Mic

    Yeah, I don’t see Jay Leno doing that, nor would I want to

  • CK

    “He wasn’t doing too well when his talk show first started”
    Really? I guess I didn’t think Jimmy Fallon and immediately go “Oh, yeah, he’d be a GREAT talk show host!” But every time I’ve watched his show, he’s been hilarious, relatable, charismatic, and, most importantly, fucking hilarious. I don’t really watch late night TV, but if I did on a regular basis, I’d most definitely gravitate to his show (and I’m a Conan fan as well). This is a perfect example, it’s funny, puts a smile on your face, and he puts a TON of energy into it like most of the shows I’ve seen him do. Oh yeah, and he usually has GREAT guests and is ahead of the curve musically. Rock on, Jimmy.

  • Joyce

    Apparently the numbers were kind of low in terms of viewership near the beginning, and although I have a huge crush on Fallon and I’ve always been his side, I have to say that some of the features on his talk show were kind of bunk. Having said that, his talk show has come a LONG way since ’09. Definitely agree on his incredible musical guests.

  • Confusion

    Did you see the first episode with De Niro? In my opinion, it was pretty awkward. He’s definitely gotten more comfortable with time, but at first, he seemed pretty out of his element.

  • CK

    Oh ok, interesting, well at least everything seems good now, he’s comfortable and seems to have a good rapport with guests. So hopefully he can keep doing these with JT, haha.

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