Wale ft. Big Sean – “Slight Work” (Prod. Diplo)


We don’t usually give production credit in the title, but you hear this Diplo beat? Nuts. It’s definitely not your typical Wale production, especially since the DC rapper joined forces with Maybach Music, but something about it makes sense. Maybe it’s because both are well versed in music outside the typical realm of popular American mainstream. They’re also both very good at flipping those sometimes obscure sounds into something popular and appealing.

For this one, Diplo keeps the backdrop pretty minimal, but don’t let that fool you—the shit is wild. It samples a siren, mixes in some Neptunes-sounding blips, and features a sharp verse from Big Sean. This will live on Ambition, out November 1st.

Wale ft. Big Sean – “Slight Work” (Prod. Diplo)

Wale – “Slight Work” Lyrics

  • http://www.greenlightradio.com drunk Rabbit

    Diplo is such a boss

  • jpex

    omg this shit is HOT

    <3 wale
    <3 diplo

  • Adam

    Am I the only one not feeling this beat? Too sporadic and all over the place.

  • mt

    You’re not alone adam

  • great 8

    its dope

  • CK

    Yeah, Diplo’s beats can be a little too busy, but I actually enjoyed this one. Nice.

  • http://myjestikblog.com myjestik

    the beat is not that great. could use bass.

  • http://yurp yuurp

    It’s just a simple ass moombahton/reggaeton drum. Now, i will admit moombahton sounds a lot better with rap than electro house or dubstep. This song is like a shout out for the dc’s moombahton “movement” thats going on… some slight shit really lol but yeah this is hot. Diplo’s aight. Electronic Dance Music is the future niggas

  • http://thebrownnoise.posterous.com Nathan S.

    I mean, it’s the “Pon De Floor” drums with moombahton sirens. I don’t see it getting that much radio play but that’s just because Big Sean and Wale really aren’t that big. #20 on the Top 40, at most. Still super hot track, though.

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