Video: Mikaela Davis Covers Sufjan Stevens On A Harp


It’s about time we get some harp on this blog, right? People always ask me, “Confusion, what is it that you have against harps? Bad experience in the past, or something?” I always insist that no, I haven’t had any bad experiences with harps, and I have nothing against them. I actually enjoy the harp, but you just don’t see it around much, and when you do, it’s usually out-of-touch people playing 20 minute versions of songs like “Minuet For The Strapping Prince Fox in G#.” Come on, harpists, get with the times, you weirdos.

Here’s Mikaela Davis, bringing the harp into the modern day with this cover of Sufjan Stevens‘ “Casimir Pulaski Day.” Shoutout to Barker for sending it over. Hit the jump to watch…

(Michaela Davis)

  • Zeus

    Too good.

  • Mic

    Shoutout to Casimir Pulaski.

  • Noory


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