Ugh, Justin Bieber Freestyles Again


Ugh, Bieber, we told you not to do this. Yet here you are, continuing on with your “freestyles” that are just good enough to have people impressed. The worst part: you’re getting better. Justin Bieber, if you end up being taken seriously as a rapper; if you put out a rap album and get real rappers to respect you, and you end up in your mid-twenties with a legitimate “rap career,” I’m going to blog exclusively about songs by dead people, because I want no part in an active industry that allows this to happen. I know, I’m a hater. But seriously, I hate this.

Hit the jump to watch…

  • todd

    Why the fuck and what the fuck……send this kid to a remote island.

  • Confusion

    we should send him to Samoa. Maybe offer a trade for Earl?

  • realltho?

    wasn’t really diggin the hate con. bieber is the dude

  • Brian

    Did he say the n-word? I think he did….

  • Confusion

    Bieber is “the dude”??? Sorry, wasn’t aware. In that case, this is kewl! Go Biebz!

  • jesus

    who even let this kid into hot 97…. thats sacred ground.

    as a side note, i reaaaally hope that he actually got that girl pregnant. it would make my life.

  • b man

    lets be honest here, that was actually pretty good

  • Long time follower

    Confusion, if you hate it then why are you posting it? No one, including yourself, wants to see this kid rap a something he thought of, memorized, and probably practiced before. No one wants to see this garbage and no one wants to see Pigeons and Planes sell out…

    think about it

  • Confusion

    I don’t know how you could resist watching Justin Bieber rap. I don’t like hippos pooping either, but have you ever seen that? It’s crazy. Look up a video of a hippo pooping. It’s like that. Not saying it’s good, just being like “ew, look.” That kind of thing. Get it?

    Also, P&P sold out a while ago. Swooop you should see how many chains I’m wearing right now. My alarm clock plays rotating Watch The Throne songs and I have a framed painting of myself hanging over my fireplace.

  • BK

    There are few things I hate more than Justin Bieber but I would check this out every time. No matter how terrible he is he is still a kind of pop culture institution. He’s impossible to ignore. Besides, I would never pass up the opportunity to see him crash and burn. It didn’t happen this time but hopefully soon….

  • Jay Black

    Confusion – you the man. Push right through the hateful comments in a well spoken, swaggerful way. Oh, and Biebs – STOP IT.

  • Usher

    ohhh snap!! FERRIS BUELLER?!?

  • bryck

    “I hate it when they litterin, I’d hate to be illiterate.”

    Beibz is bringing conscious rap back!!

  • Confusion

    Hahah. I didn’t really think about what he was saying, but now that I think about it, it’s even more funny.

    Although, I don’t like when people litter either. I guess I can kind of get behind that.

  • aintuhhater

    why yall hating though this kid got talent and making money, i cant hate a kid that is more talented and makes more money than i lol just sit back and respect

  • Confusion

    You can respect all you want. I think Bieber is an obnoxious stain on our society, an embarrassment that we will have to look back and say, “yeah, our big star was this kid Justin Bieber.” If we had a Jimi Hendrix or a John Lennon or a Bob Dylan to counter that, I might be okay with it. But we don’t have that.

    And you can’t call everyone a hater for everything. That shit is getting old. You should hate some things. Just bc someone makes money and gets popular doesn’t mean you have to like and/or respect them. Where did that mentality come from?

  • CaptainObvious

    Yeah, not surprised Hot97 would allow this to happen. As a response to jesus’ comment, Hot97 is part of a corporate machine (Emmis Communications). While they may have memorable moments in hip hop I wouldn’t refer to their station as sacred ground. Sacred ground in hip hop, to me at least, is a place where commercialization doesn’t exist and talent, not marketability and promo budgets, flourished. For instance, The Shelter in Detroit would be sacred ground, or the various parks and playgrounds in NY that played host to the birth of hip hop.

  • cramzy

    lets be really really real. this was actually pretty decent

  • Confusion

    Cramzy <3s Bieber

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