Video: DOOM Talks The Mask, Different Characters, and New Madvillain Album

As you might expect from a man who wears a mask in all public appearances, DOOM doesn’t do many interviews. In this rare one with the Red Bull Music Academy, the masked villain sits down for over an hour and a half and talks about everything from his notorious mask to his creative process.

Oh, and new Madvillain is on the way. No official date yet, but DOOM says the album has been almost done for a while and he’ll be done with his parts by January, and then Madlib will put the final touches on the project. Hell yes. If you missed it, check out DOOM’s collaboration with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood.

Hit the jump to watch the interview…


  • mac

    worst audience ever

  • Samm

    doom’s looking a little chubby

  • Jim

    mf doom deserves a better interview than this

  • Confusion

    It was a little drawn out, but it was interesting to me just to watch the man speak, especially on the making of Madvillainy.

  • Confusion

    DOOM eats like royalty.

  • Chopsticks

    That might not even be the real DOOM. He doesn’t like to go to things, but will send an impersonator.