Video: Ludacris – “Bada Boom”


Here’s the official visual for Luda’s track titled “Bada Boom” off of his latest mixtape, 1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time. If you felt like Confusion did about Luda & this mixtape, this track might’ve slipped right under your nose. Well on this record, Ludacris takes stabs at Big Sean & Drake for saying that Luda stole the “Supa Dupa” flow from them and saying that he used it horribly (which i agree with %1000).

1st Luda gives a brief “History Lesson” letting Sean & Aubrey know that they did not invent that flow, then he goes on to give them a very light spanking with “Bada Boom”. Hit the jump to check out the visual for it…

  • jb


  • Tari L.

    @ JB right?! I liked this though! ‘Specially the Friday reference. lol

  • Nathan S.

    That diss track was the wackest of all wack disses. Chucked at the “very light spanking” thing, because it’s like rappers are so afraid to hit hard nowadays. First off, dude doesn’t even mention Drake or Sean by name in the track, even though we KNOW it’s a diss at them. Then, he spits these weak, amateur bars! Probably because dude didn’t wanna get into specifics, and I know, beef era is over, etc. etc. But come on, man.
    The history lesson was neat, though. I had no Idea that as far back as Native Tongues people were using the hashtag flow. Kudos to Luda for that.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Luda has always been one of my favorites from the early aughts and I like Big Sean because he’s from my homestate (and we desperately need more people representing us because Em, Kid Rock, and Jack White can’t be the only ones) so I don’t how to feel about all of this.

  • Frank Ramz

    no ideas original..theres nothing new under the sun, its never what you do but how its done

    luda said himself, nothings been new since big daddy kane

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