Video: The Black Lips – “Raw Meat”


The video for “Raw Meat” off of The Black Lips‘ most recent album, Arabia Mountain, has surfaced and it features the band playing crooked New York City cops riding around in their popomobile. “Crooked,” according to director Phil Pinto and producer Rachelyn Remz-Porter, includes: wearing “do not cross” tapes as scarves, picking up prostitutes, and beating up randoms. The video goes brilliantly alongside that fun, swashbuckling, I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude embodied by “Raw Meat,” so that’s the disclaimer. Don’t go blaming P&P if you start breaking shit after watching the video.

Hit the jump to watch “Raw Meat”…

  • CK

    Love the Leo Fitzpatrick (of “Kids” fame as Telly) cameo in the beginning, cool music vid

  • Joyce

    Haha yeah I read that and wanted to include that fun fact, but I am too young to understand that reference…

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