Contest: Childish Gambino Prize Package Giveaway


We’ve posted about Childish Gambino here a few times and noticed how many CG fans are in this bitch. You saw the 61 comments on this post, right? For showing up in full force, we at P&P (aka “this bitch”) have a little prize package for you. A Childish Gambino package. It includes:

– Camp Vinyl
– Childish Gambino t-shirt
– Camp merit badge, chapstick, sticker


Here’s how you can get your hands on Childish Gambino’s package:

– “Like” Pigeons & Planes on Facebook
– Write on our wall and let us know what your favorite song from Camp is

That’s it. Good luck, roaches!

  • Antoine

    I didn’t know that so many people were reading P&P.

  • Confusion

    Nobody reads it. Comments are all me pretending to be other people.

  • BatMayne

    Is this open to everyone? More specifically Canada?

  • matt

    i didn’t know i was you, but it’s cool to know i’m on the complex staff

  • emmanuel

    gambino makes it work, he’s the boss!! Mooove something!!!

  • @BattleCrane

    Hope I win this great christmas gift, and my boys coming to VA in March

  • Toby Catton

    clever marketing all this competition stuff confusion.. btw just to check, do you delete the post off your wall after we post?

  • brandUn DeShay

    Im brandUn DeShay. can i still enter this contest? I like Childish Gambino… =]

  • Confusion

    No I don’t delete them

  • cole

    so i don’t have a facebook, but i would really love to get my hands on Childish Gambino’s package….

  • Liz

    Who doesnt have a facebook? lol

  • BoogieSupreme

    HA. Good idea after the heat he’s been getting from his album reviews.

  • Mic

    what if you don’t like any of the songs?

  • A guest but not really

    Always Facebook and i have no Facebook … And I really wanted that frigging Chapstick.

  • A Guest but not really

    And Mic if you don’t like any songs why would you want the package ? Everyone’s a comedian nowadays. Unless you want the Chapstick then it’s understandable.

  • JeiSun

    Awww man. I don’t use the popular social network site bookface.

  • JeiSun

    Seriously I don’t use bookface! Can I still get entered in this hotness? I’m a friend of the people… i fight evil!

  • BatMayne

    Who won?

  • Confusion

    Not picking a winner until next week. There’s still time

  • Emmanuel

    @JeiSun LOL, I’ll enter for you, FRIEND OF THE PEOPLE!!!!

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