Interviews With Confusion, P&P Founder


Wow, a headline about Confusion, written by Confusion. Shit is getting unreal.

I’ve never meant to be mysterious or weird, but as someone who’s borderline antisocial by nature, the position of blogger has just allowed me to further distance myself from reality. Every now and then though, someone asks me questions.  I never really share these interviews, because it feels weird to blog about yourself (ask Ramz, he knows), but in case anyone is interested (you probably shouldn’t be), here’s the latest interview:

7 Questions

Here are some others that went down this year:

Oh So Fresh

The Recommender


Lost Boys Life

If there’s anything else you’re curious about, ask away in the comments section. I am going to try to be less weird and enigmatic in 2012. It’s counterproductive, I think. We’ll see how that goes.

  • Matt

    Do you like pie?

  • Confusion

    Pie is alright. Not huge into sweet things, but it’s hard to hate on pie.

  • Bass

    Nice to finally get some insight on the man behind the pigeon

  • Koe

    Great stuff. I have loved P&P from the first time I set eyes on it and view as it as the top of the top music blogs out there–and not just for the musical content, but mostly for your odd yet intriguing rants and tangents and personality that separate you a part from the cookie cutter blogs out there.

    Keep flying Confusion.

  • seattle mike
  • jayyyyyyyyyy

    thank you for the blowfish.

  • Todd

    Thanks for the traffic bud, :) haha I was wondering why the interview was second most viewed when I logged on today =P

  • SK

    Thanks for making P&P, I don’t really visit other blogs anymore because everything I like ends up here one way or another and time.
    Also, hit up the bay area with a concert.

  • Big Pookie

    Stay weird or I’ll be mad


    Big Pookie

  • Ellie

    How do you pick out ur pigeon pictures?

  • Confusion

    i jst fllow my hrt

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