Lupe Fiasco – “American Terrorist III”


“Said it’s silly how that our schools make us stupid and our jobs make us poor”

Hell no we weren’t expecting this! Lu just randomly dropped this off via his Twitter. If y’all know anything bout Ramzy, then you know that Lu is my favorite rapper, so my heart is definitely smiling right now. Now someone correct me if I’m wrong, as you can see here, I have all of Lupe’s albums. The original “American Terrorist” is on Food & Liquor. I don’t exactly recall a part 2. Or is there something that I’m missing? Ehh, whatever. New Lu, check it out below!

Lupe Fiasco – “American Terrorist III”

  • Ahmad

    I’ve definitely never heard of part II, and I own everything Lupe. Perhaps it’s on F&L II?

  • john

    him and Cudi going with the Drive soundtrack songs as there instrumental on their past 2 singles

  • pancakes hizzle

    I’m glad the Drive soundtrack is spreading the ed banger Kavinsky love to the masses

  • danny

    good track

  • Ge Oh

    i LOVE this flip of this sample… I did it differently,but i dig this flip of it as well

  • jay

    Are we seeing old lupe slowly coming back? Can we dare to hope?

  • baltazar

    so good… so glad someone used this as a backing track

  • Tanner Songkakul

    I’d venture that Words I Never Said is American Terrorist II.

  • Andrew

    Heard American Terrorist II will be on food and liquor 2

  • LupeIsATool

    I like how he is using the track but FFS, this track is a year old!!! If He used it last year, i’d give him some major props, but using it AFTER the Drive soundtrack came out? Thats lame.
    Not to mention that Lupe is a tool whose only political knowledge comes from Inside Job and Zeitgeist.

  • BlackPrince

    What song is it that Cudi released that used the Drive soundtrack?

  • Confusion
  • Anthony

    Rappers go lazier and lazier..
    Now they just take a whole full song and put crappy words on it.
    Nighcall ( the “Sample”) is way better without the “rap” on it..

  • Derek

    LupeIsATool and Anthony can GTFO. Period.

  • LupeIsATool

    Derek – i love how you have nothing constructive to say. Face it, Lupe’s a fucking moron when it comes to politics and it is HE who should STFU

  • JeiSun

    LupeISATool, enlighten the world then…

  • LupeIsATool

    His ridiculous views on Obama and how he’s a terrorist. I love how he seems to totally forget, conveniently i might add, about Islamic terrorism (obviously because Lupe himself is a Muslim). I also love how we had GWB for 8 yrs and Lupe didnt say anything then but now says stuff.

    If Lupe doesnt like America’s interventionist foreign policy he should move to the UK or Canada or something. He is uneducated and totally lacking in any substance or nuance when it comes to his views. He’s an iconoclast because he thinks it makes him “cool”

  • YouthQuake

    Your an embarrassing citizen LupeIsATool.

  • Bastion

    Seriously LupeIsATool…do you understand that dissent is one of the greatest things one can do as an American? I honestly dont like Lupe that much but progress is made through people speaking up. Sucks that rappers and country singers are the main idiots that get heard (along with all of the rest of pop culture obviously) but at least its not the same “I GET MONEY IM THE BEST” bull.

    Free your fucking mind dude. Youre embarrassing and a bad citizen.

  • austin

    kravinsky!!!!! this song was in drive one of my favorite parts of the movie too

  • Anthony

    @Austin It is KAVINSKY.
    And The song is produced by Guy Manuel de Homem Christo ( one of the Daft Punk.)

  • Maisley

    Lupe is the shit.. Its not surprising that a site that shows love to and supports Childish Gambino, Waka Flocka, and Main Attrakionz is also not gonna understand Lupe Fiasco. If you don’t think Lupe is one of the top 5 rappers out then the lyrics are probably just going over your head. Fuck the ignorant rap that blog readers cling to. Friend of the People is the best mixtape of 2011

  • LupeIsATool,IsADick

    LupeIsATool is a dick and doesnt know anything. and is racist. you fagg. go suck wocka flockas dick and rick rosses nipple.

  • LupeIsAToolIsInFactATool

    LupeIsATool…If you actually studied Lupe’s lyrics, he even critised Islam. Next time you attempt to prove a point, research your crap.

    Plus, why would you even comment on a lupe post anyways??? XD

  • LupeMayIsAToolMayBeAToolButMayHaveAPoint

    So everybody jumps down this guy’s throat for speaking up and sharing his own views (while maybe misguided – haven’t checked my facts), but you guys are doing the exact same thing that he’s doing. Bastion: “progress is made by people speaking up” – Why don’t you enlighten him instead of just bash him? If he’s so wrong, then prove it. Or just keep trolling.

  • Olaytheartist

    This song is so awesome. Thank you for posting this Lupe. Although I feel like the pressure of the industry has been breaking his spirit, I get really happy when I hear songs like this and “WWJD he’d probably LOL like WTF”.

  • rick

    lasers is horrible.

  • Matt

    Don’t put wocka flocka and childish gambino in the same sentence. thats insulting to anyone with a working brain. wocka flocka music is the gunk and human crap that gets stuck to the side of the toilet in public restrooms.

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