OnCue – “Can’t Wait (Brenton Duvall Remix)”


Brenton Duvall got his meathooks on OnCue‘s “Can’t Wait” from the Can’t Wait mixtape, and you know what Brenton does when he gets his hands on music. The result is a nice remix with Brenton’s touch, simple enough that each element has some room to breathe. So many remixes are crowded with extra garbage, but it’s all about a few strong elements, and that’s something Brenton’s got a firm grasp on.

“Meathooks,” “Brenton’s touch,” “firm grasp”…. ugh, I’m gonna go take a long pause.

OnCue – “Can’t Wait (Brenton Duvall Remix)”

Credit to ItsTheBino for the premiere.

  • Pholo

    I think OnCue’s tape was in my top 3 favorite tapes of the year. A lot of thought provoking stuff, with fresh production.

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