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SBTRKT – “Ride To Freedom”

SBTRKT is staying on his grind. The London producer is prepping a single release for his track “Hold On,” off of his stellar debut album (which happened to be a favorite of ours). The b-side to... Read more »

How To Be A Music Snob: The Art Of Being Pretentious

The term “music snob” is not a title people like to have. At least, they don’t admit that they like it. A true snob never admits that they are a snob. They say things like, “Oh,... Read more »

Sol – “This Shit (Captain Midnite Remix)”

The beautiful thing about Sol’s “This Shit” lied in the simplicity of it. The beautiful thing about this remix? It’s the exact opposite. I was reluctant to give this a chance. I only opened the email... Read more »

Video: Watch a 94-Year-Old Grandmother Listen To Dubstep

It’s fun to introduce babies to new things, just to see what they’ll do. What will baby’s reaction be when baby sees the ocean for the first time? What will baby do when we put an... Read more »

Diplo – “Express Yourself (EP Sampler)”

For those who care for Diplo and his moombahton ways, he will be releasing a free EP that promises to melt your face off, titled Express Yourself, in time for the new year. The EP will... Read more »

Video: The Death Set – “Chew it like a Gun Gum”

Holidays are so mainstream, no? Forget the commercialization of the fiasco, but the wholesome nature of it all is enough to make a person sick. After a holiday break with the fam, people tend to go... Read more »

Video: T.Shirt – “Angst”

All I do is walk around, like “fuck this world.” True. From Shirt: I wanted to talk about angst. Two specific scenes inspired this record. One was in Home Alone 2 when Kevin is walking around... Read more »

Stream the Opening Night of Wilco’s ‘Incredible Shrinking Tour of Chicago’

Wilco‘s Incredible Shrinking Tour of Chicago led the band to play in five Chicago venues in five consecutive nights. The opening night of their tour, which consisted of a 27-song setlist, was recorded and now can... Read more »

Video: The Flaming Lips Cover The Beatles’ “I Am The Walrus”

While the rest of us visited with family, bought gifts for each other, and enjoyed some time off the daily grind of whatever it is that our lives entail, The Flaming Lips apparently took a lot... Read more »

Video: Childish Gambino – “Ima Boss (Freestyle)”

Hope everyone had a good holiday celebration. I’ve been off the grid for a couple days, but I’m back, and I finally made the official switch to a Mac. I’m a little lost, so let’s stick... Read more »

DJ Earworm – “United States of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom)”

We posted a top of 2011 mash-up by Mashup-Germany a little while ago, and now DJ Earworm‘s released his annual top-of-the-year mash-up. All your guilty pleasures and the songs you love to hate, conveniently in one... Read more »

B.o.B ft. Andre 3000 – “Play The Guitar”

A very brief snippet leaked of this joint like last week. I mean, I know a snippet is supposed to be short, but that bitch was too damn short. Anyway, B.o.B finally released his record with... Read more »

Mixtape: Fabolous – “There Is No Competition 3: Death Comes In 3’s”

If you’ve been paying attention to Fab’s There Is No Competition series then you should somewhat know what to expect from Loso. Here is his X-mas gift to everyone, There Is No Competition 3: Death Comes... Read more »

Album: Clams Casino – ‘INSTRUMENTALS (Mastered)’

Clams Casino had one hell of a year. He went from Lil B‘s standout producer to the top of the in-demand list of hip-hop producers. To thank everybody for getting him there, he’s rereleased his creatively... Read more »

Frank Ocean – “4 Tears”

Frank Ocean let go of this new track last night on his Tumblr page. While most were wrapping up Christmas day with family and friends, Ocean took to the internet to talk about his feelings. He’s... Read more »