Reaction: Pitchfork Gives Childish Gambino Album A 1.6 Out Of 10


A 1.6 out of 10 rating? That’s what Pitchfork gave Childish Gambino‘s debut album Camp. For comparison, they gave Lil B’s Basedgodveli mixtape a 7.8. According to mathematics, this means Pitchfork believes Lil B’s Basedgodveli mixtape is 4.875 times better than Childish Gambino’s Camp.

It’s funny, because on “All The Shine,” a song off the album, Donald says, “But Pitchfork only likes rappers who crazy or hood, man, so, I guess we gon’ see.” Now we see.

After we read the review, P&P contributors Confusion, Constant Gardner, Monster, and Midas had a little discussion via emails. Hit the jump if you’re interested in reading our emails (Note: Unedited, so pardon the sloppiness). And definitely read to the end, because what started as a “fuck P4K” rant got pretty real…


Pitchfork gave Camp a 1.6. Seems extreme. They have some points, but it seems crazy to give it a 1.6. We maybe should react to this.

Pitchfork is a dick for this one. I think part of the reason they do this is because it kind of fits in with their image. Personally, I think Donald made a great record, but it’s a little immature, and P4K wants to look like some intellectual snobs that sometimes randomly like hood shit but mostly only fuck with intelligent music that is reflective of a superior taste. I feel like their whole appeal is based on sometimes throwing in wild curve balls like, “Oh, you thought we would like this? nope, we don’t like it. we FUCKING HATE IT.” Or like giving Kanye’s MBDTF a 10. That was crazy. They gave College Dropout an 8.2. Idk, i think their whole system is more based on how they want Pitchfork to be perceived.

Anyways, I still think they have some points. Gambino kinda borrows from mainstream rappers like Kanye, Wayne, and Drake but adds in his really unique personality, passion, and emotion. He definitely throws in some “real” shit, and he’s bringing up issues, especially with race, that haven’t really been touched before. It’s challenging what a rapper “should” be, and it’s refreshing to hear. At the same time, mixing that kinda stuff with cringeworthy punchlines sometimes makes it hard to take seriously.

I think that’s one of the main things about Camp that kinda bothers me. Even though he’s talking about some real shit, he’s doing it in this half joking, half swagged out, half passionate way (i guess those would be one-thirds) that makes it hard to take seriously in any of those ways. I think in stand-up comedy, these kinda half-true, half-funny things work well, but in music it’s a little weird. His Asian girl punchlines, and the way he frames the whole being black and not fitting in stuff is probably all really true, but it just feels weird the way he puts it on this album.

K didn’t mean to ramble like this, just wanted to throw everything out there.

Constant Gardner:

Thats such bullshit, they’re such cunts. WTF.

When Camp & Take Care dropped I looked on P4k a coupla times to see if theyd review it, but nothing, and no coverage on him ever. No new music news kinda thing, and this is from a site who covers some proper random hiphop and mixtape releases (as part of trying to be “edgy” and “different”).

The emotional openness, vulnerability and “outsider” status is reminiscent of Kanye, but it’s not really the same. For me, Kanye’s outsiderness is framed (as with everything else) on a much larger, more grandiose scale than Donald’s. Kanye sees himself as a sort of leader, or representative of the black community and he is railing against the all around racism he sees in America. Donald not fitting in is on a more personal level, and is more to do with who he is, and was as a person not fitting in at school, college, in the rap world.

Anyway that is entirely irrelavant to what we’re talking about here, which is the fact that Camp is clearly not a 1.6 record. The fact that the review has come now, is, i’m sure becasue they waited to see what the reaction was, saw that Camp was getting a lot of love in comparison to Take Care, or at least just being put on the same level, and they’ve decided to rinse the shit out of it in their review. Its so petty and Childish, I just cannot believe any person could genuinely feel that way about this album! So it must be a decided upon angle.

Also whats up with the first line “If you buy only one hip-hop album this year, I’m guessing it’ll be Camp”? Is that just an immediate stating of their superiority over all the readers who think it’s a good album? Plus thats bullshit cos WTT would be the one album anyone would buy, so that pisses me off. Also that shot at 808s and heartbreak (Heartbeat” could have been the 10th-funniest song on 808s & Heartbreak– ) is pointless and childish.

Also, Con, I dont feel quite the same way as you in terms of him undercutting his serious points with bragadaccio or whatever. Yeah sure he might say something deep and personal and then ten seconds later be talking about Asian girls, but that doesnt take away the passion or truth of whats gone before. In Pitchfork’s review of MBDTF they fawn over the conflicts of emotions and the way Kanye plays off the arrogant against the self loathing, and with Drake they point out the contradictions in his views on fame/wealth/self worth as a positive.

Also, I mean not saying that Camp’s a great album, or better than Drake’s for example, BUT THEY GAVED LIL B’s BASEDGODVELI A 7.8. HELLO HELLO. WTF. He deserves more than a 1.6 jsut on his technical ability. The reviewer uses the very worst examples of Gambino’s punchlines (the human centipede reference is obvious and a bit grating for me) but doent mention some of the intricate double meaning punchlines that he comes up with.

Double also, they quote the “crazy or hood” rappers line, and i think they’ve confirmed that. They like crazy “out there” stuff like Kanye and Lil B (who they can apply their superior intellect too) and hood like Gibbs or whatever.

Anyways i want to write an angry letter to someone haha and stab Ian Cohen in the eyes with a pen.


LOLOL …I may just put together a post of “Emails Between P&P Contributors About Pitchfork’s Review Of Childish Gambino’s ‘Camp'” That might be good, and easier than putting together a structured post. (Note: Yeah, sometimes I go “LOLOL.” I don’t know when this started, and it’s embarrassing, but it happens.)


A 1.6 is basically the same thing as a “fuck you, we think your music sucks”. But since you can’t just write a one sentence review, P4K went on to over analyze and suck all the fun out of what Camp is. Not liking an album because it’s poorly put together or strictly sounds bad makes sense to me. Bashing it because it’s not as good as other albums you like and decided to stack it up against is lazy and weak. That’s why I’ve started to loathe comparison pieces. The quality of an album should be assessed on its own individual merits. “Chris Brown’s new album gets a -3.9 from Pitchfork because it pretty much sucks when we paired it up against Thriller.” Get the fuck out of here Pitchfork. Camp is fun and a damn solid first official effort from a young talent. If Ian Cohen dislikes Donald Glover so much he should handle it like a man and challenge him to a back alley fist fight, not rag on him in some shitty review.

In other news El Camino is really fucking good.


Yeah, I’m with Monster in that this does feel like it’s a review written out of a personal dislike of Donald Glover. To be honest, I expected not great reviews for Camp from places like Pitchfork, but not for the reasons they list, nor with the vitriol this guy is writing with. You don’t rip on an artist like he did or give someone a rating as insulting as 1.6 without some thought to the editorial stance you’re taking and it does seem like their typical pretentious “we’re cooler than you are” posturing for, in this case, some pretty terrible reasons.

I’d be way way less pissed reading this review if he’d focused on shit like the fact that Childish is at times, a not great rapper. His flows get clumsy and his punchlines (like the human centipede one) are over the top. I think he’s got a long way to go before he’s a really good rapper. I also think how derivative CG is of Kanye is also a really valid point, as is the fact that CG sometimes (Note: Midas didn’t finish this sentence. He has bad ADD. He does this sometimes.)

But the stuff most of Cohen’s review focuses on is a lot of the reasons I’ve stayed away from writing a lot about Childish myself, and that’s his whole “black nerd” thing. I’m black, went to an entirely white high school, and am definitely the only black person in the front row of The National shows. I can’t objectively talk about how much I like Childish Gambino because, a lot of the time, it feels like he’s rapping about me. I love the music a lot because of that. Hip-Hop is unique to me because it is able to literally pinpoint an experience that I’ve gone through and then you hear it and can think – I’m not on my own on that one.

I had a poetry professor tell me once that it’s much harder to write about emotionally raw topics because it relies on an immediate connection with the audience. She said it was always better to understate big emotions, and make the reader come to you. CG rarely tones his shit down, which I think means that he does rely on this implied connection with the audience – I feel it and I like the music, but I imagine if you don’t, you probably don’t see the appeal and kind of hate the music.

I’m definitely taking this review too much to heart and letting it feel personally insulting. But he counters the “black kid at a Sufjan concert” line, which I loved, with the fact that Jay fucking Z was at a Grizzly Bear show in 2009. In what world do I relate to Jay-Z? He’s a superstar who just released an album about knocking down race barriers through amassing enormous personal wealth. It’s not the same. Sampling indie songs? Not the same as being 14 and slowly figuring out that you don’t have to act like 50 Cent to be black. The music may sound whiny and not hit everyone the same way it hit me, but it’s often some very pointed, intelligent remarks on race and identity, and that is worth more than a 1.6.

I’ve written way way way too much about this shit. I like criticism, and am generally fine with reviews I disagree with, but this one really got under my skin.

Also, just to clarify I don’t even love the album as a whole. It’s good not great. I just (like you guys) disagree with the rating and way the record was approached.

  • BelowTheHeavens

    What is their criteria for coming up with the number 1.6? Why not give it a 1.5 or 1.7? Seems like a number they’re just throwing out there to slap Childish Gambino in the face. I would really love to see their grading rubric for albums.

  • joseph

    holy fuck. i luh you guys so much <3

  • Confusion

    Haha I didn’t even think of that. 1.6 is pretty weird. You think they have a rubric? Rubrics are for nerds.

  • BelowTheHeavens

    Also, I like the points that Constant Gardner makes about the Pitchfork author being so hypocritical. That just confirms the bias that the author has towards disliking Gambino (for whatever reason that is).

  • Enervantes

    “You don’t have to act like 50 Cent to be black.” I loved that phrase.

  • Noory

    The fuck?! P4K are pricks.

    they gave TC 8.6 and Camp 1.6.. i just don’t get it.

  • camilo

    I feel they didn’t throw a cero at his face only because it would generate publicity for Donald, when they rate it with 1,6 they are basically telling people is not really worth their time to listen so let us tell you it sucked.

  • Biscayne Bully

    Childish Gambino reminds me so much of Tim Tebow. People love him or hate him for whatever reason and every thing he does only reinforces each side’s argument. Tebow can complete 2 passes but win and I’ll say, “Tebow stinks; look he only completed 2 passes.” But then someone else will say, “He won. He’s a winner.” Same thing with Glover. I’ll hear him say “She’s an overachiever/ All she does is suck seed,” and I’ll think that’s the corniest shit I’ve ever heard. Meanwhile, a Gambino fan hears the exact same thing and thinks he’s a lyrical genius.

    While I think the 1.6 rating was just to get people talking (obviously it worked), I really agree with everything said in the review. Glover isn’t a good rapper. Sorry. And when you say shit like “I love bitches, I should be running PETA” you better either have great beats or hooks surrounding it. Glover has neither.

  • Chach

    “Pitchfork only like rappers who crazy or Hood man.” Donald said it himself…

  • Biscayne Bully

    That being said, I wouldn’t have given it a 1.6. It’s not the most offensive rap album I’ve ever heard. But I think something in the 4-5.5 range is fair. They obviously gave it such a low rating because they knew it would generate buzz and get the Glover stans that populate sites like P&P going crazy.

  • Carlos

    Obviusly that review is just because Donald is banging Ian Cohen’s mother

  • Guest


  • Josh

    Have you guys ever considered that you’re being overly biased towards Gambino? I had no idea who the dude was and I kind of hated the album, which is odd because I’m into indie hip hop. His personality and subject matter is wildly inconsistent. Gambino needs to choose whether he wants to play the victim or be another Kanye esque punchline rapper. I’ll give it to him, he can definitely rap. But his lyrics are derivative as fuck… I don’t get why people love this guy he doesn’t do that much to stick out from the crowd. You can’t hate Pitchfork for giving their honest opinion of an album.

  • Hey Josh

    Kanye is not a punchline rapper.

  • dd
  • Noah Vinson

    yeah that was pretty much hate right there on pitchfork’s part, i mean not for nothing truthfully that was the first article i ever read on pitchfork and …i was just pissed as a fan of hip-hop, an artist, and on top of it all i dislike straight up hate, they had some points like the comparisons between him and kanye west, but c’mon there was no REAL reason on why they disliked it.

  • CM

    yeah Josh it’s not going to be album of the year but it was not a bad album, it doesn’t seem as a valid opinion from pitchfork when they are rating the album based on what they want to represent and who they fuck with. If they would have focused on the album itself then they would have to recognized it has some pretty good songs, not all of them but still 3 or 4 that make the album deserve more than 1.6

  • BatMayne

    What if the 1.6 was a typo?

  • Confusion

    Then this whole post was a typo too

  • Horsebot3000

    Pitchfork invented the troll.

    But, you guys don’t really have to take Pitchfork seriously. You’re better than that. PItchfork isn’t as relevant as it used to be and you’re complaining about Pitchfork, already an obscurity in the eyes of the internet-music phenomenon age. You’re talking about the website that gave an album a dual score of 0 & 10. If you want to also complain, consider that the Needle Drop gave it a 2/10 with a reasonable review to boot.

    But once again, Pitchfork has become a icon figure. And they are very predictable. Just ignore the troll.

  • Adam Noffsinger

    I totally agree with the overarching arguments you guys have made.

    Most importantly, I agree that Pitchfork truly uses its posts and reviews to leverage and solidify their own brand. I just think that it’s very sad that P4K, which wields a serious amount of promotion power in in the blogosphere, is willing to attack and damage truly good artists to reinforce their image. It’s about the music, not personal motives.

    For the record, CAMP wasn’t great, and I love Gambino, but no artist should be bashed like that. I want to see Ian master a fucking album.

  • john

    The review is 100% right, the album is terrible. Gambino raps about how he’s so misunderstood “ohh i’m half black and not accepted, feel bad for me.” Then he follows that line with a punchline like “i’ve seen it all like lance bass’ penis hole” or “killed the beat and murdered it, casey anthony.” He’s a rip off of wayne, drake and kanye while not even being close to being as good as either. He has talent but he uses it in a completely different way than he should. He tries to please way too many people with his music. The review was needed, now maybe he’ll go back to doing what he does best, acting.

  • john

    “Uncool, but lyrically I’m a stone cold killer
    So it’s 400 Blows to these Truffaut niggas”

    You cant tell me wayne or drake would pull a genius lyric like that, when wayne compares moving silently to eating lasagna

  • Joyce

    In defense of Con, CG, Midas, and Monster, it is kind of outrageous for Pitchfork to throw out a number like “1.6.” Even if Ian Cohen had an issue with Gambino’s originality and lyrical abilities, he should have at least considered the quality of the album’s production. Also, ripped off of Drake, Kanye, and Wayne? Can’t we technically say that Drake ripped off of Kanye? And if that’s the case, who did Kanye model after? I mean, there could very well be an answer for that, but I think it’s kind of silly to accuse Gambino of something like that.

    Also, though it may appear that the site is biased towards Gambino, I believe that some of us here may actually prefer Take Care (I’m not attempting to compare the two; I use this to show that we do not worship Gambino). Midas even ends his email off with “also, just to clarify I don’t even love the album as a whole. It’s good not great. I just (like you guys) disagree with the rating and way the record was approached.” Clearly, the post was mainly targeting the validity of Pitchfork’s rating system. Having said that, it’s difficult to not be biased when critiquing, and it’s even harder not to bring one’s personal opinion to the table when it’s his or her job to critique something as subjective as music. But Cohen appears to have some personal vendetta against Glover, and I think that’s what the cause of P&P outrage stems from.

  • Alex B

    Maybe Ian Cohen and Ryan Dombal don’t know each other and have different editors proofing their pieces. I think this should be taken into consideration as well. Two different album critics makes comparing the two reviews a not apples to apples comparison. It’d be interesting to reach out to Ryan D (the Ye reviewer) to see what he thought about Camp.

    Actually, pause that… I don’t give a fuck because I hate Pitchfork. I think we’ve all wasted far to much bandwidth on them as it is with this post.

    Good times.

  • Alex B

    PS – I bring up another interesting angle with that last comment… its either P4K’s job to maintain a consistency within their reviews and ratings system regardless of author OR to 100% own the fact that each review is an opinion piece and that they should be judged independently on a case by case basis…

  • ZenLizzie

    “Idk, i think their whole system is more based on how they want Pitchfork to be perceived.” <– Exactly.

    My first reaction when I read the Pitchfork review was pretty much the same.. "Ian Cohen is a dick." I'm not objective and I'm not a music critic, but I knew that review was missing the point. I'm glad you guys did a better job than me of putting my feelings into words.

    I listened to Drake's album right after Camp, and strictly from a fan's perspective, I thought Camp was more entertaining. I like Drake, but I don't think he is bringing much to the table lately as far as creativity or pushing boundaries. And if every new hip hop artist has to have their debut album compared to Kanye West and Jay-Z, then they are all doomed.

    Oh, and Ian Cohen is a dick.

  • wtf

    It’s obvious why he got a shit ass score “Pitchfork only like rappers who crazy or Hood man”. They’re just trying to retaliate and save face from being called out.

    To one of the commenters above: What does having a playful braggadochio line about having a lot of bitches and running PETA have anything to do with a good hook or beat. You can have a shit ass lyrics with good music i.e. most of mainstream rap and vice versa. Sure you could use this argument for the incogruency thing but it’s blown out of proportion.

    CG objectifies woman in similar fashion to gangsta rap which he has disdain for and uses as an inferiority complex. But it’s not like he’s rapping about shooting up motherfuckers. I don’t really see that as an incongruence of his personality. The theme of a black kid not fitting in and then finding confidence in himself isn’t that farfetched and unrelatable.

    He’s a decent lyricist. his greatest strength is his wordplay. i agree he uses too much hashtag flow but i didn’t find it too distracting.

    It’s a passable album not great, not shit. Deserves a 4 or 5 at least. But the fact that he has haters must mean something.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    First Community’s future’s up in the air and now a 1.6 rating. Damn.

    I’m not going to act like I know how to judge what makes a superior hip-hop album because I don’t listen to too much of the genre but I liked Camp. I don’t see why people need to compare Gambino to seasoned artists like Kanye or Wayne. I know he dropped two releases before this, but this is still technically his debut. And yes Kanye struck gold with his debut but think of what has changed since 2004.

    Basically, I just don’t feel that they’re judging this album in the proper scope. If you compare a new DeviantArt artist to da Vinci, then yeah you’re gonna get some skewed results.

  • pete

    haha. what a bunch of spiteful fuck’s. these guys are tools.

  • @BattleCrane


  • SK

    @PancakeMcKennz Thats why there is a scale, you wouldn’t rate someone higher just because they are new. music is good or bad no matter who wrote the song.

    That being said Camp was not that great of an album and to me was personally a let down because he killed Freaks and Geeks EP and the mixtape before that had some highlights too.

    But I don’t think Camp was a 1.6, thats just disrespectful. I woulda given it a 6.

    Also to all the haters on here and facebook hop off Lil B’s dick. I don’t know why every CG fan feels the need to compare him with Drake, Kanye, Lil B and whoever else.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    @SK What constitutes this scale though? Did P4K ever disclose how they rate albums or is it an arbitrary number to illustrate the level of interest the reviewer holds?

  • SK

    I don’t know, I don’t really follow P4k but I’m guessing its the level of interest the reviewer holds.

  • blakep267

    Now I liked the album alot. but I will sat that, yes it dig bug me how Cg would get deep into stuff that ive felt, and then use some random punch line about banging chicks or something like that. But that seems to be his style. Some of his songs linke All the shine, outside, letter home etc. dont belong with something like backpacker. It just doesnt flow well together,

    Also I know its the norm in alot of rap. But I really just dont like the word nigga, And Im black myself. I feel that he really overuses it and it just doesnt work. Its like, it doesnt make you harder or blacker to throw nigga around.

    And he gets kinda carried away with sex and stuff. Idk, im not a prude, but I guess I wanted the album to be more like outside, all the shine, and less about bangin chicks etc.

    So I loved the album, didnt care for the overuse of nigga and sexual innuendo.

  • Jonathan A

    I cannot think of any album terrible enough to receive this rating. Let alone “CAMP” which is a jot above Take Care for me.

    The connections between him and kanye are blatant in the album, but he is openly huge fans of ye’s and he mixes his own unique style with the similarities so I’m not sure how it’s entirely a fault.

    Particularly it is is similar to WTT.

    There’s one line where he starts a verse, “Holla, Holla, Holla, Holla at ya boy” which is reminiscent of the “Hello, Hello, Hello, Hellow White America”

    And then there’s the “5 mikes” line that’s comparable to another line from WTT, but personally I see this as him referencing shit he likes as he does with a huge portion of his music anyways, so i commend him for it.

    Some of the hooks is where i think most of the criticism should be directed at, but that issue is minimal at best.

    Dope Album.

  • blakep267

    @ jonathan, I thought the Holla Holla holla thing was a flashback to Dave chapelles skit with the old man that would holler at chicks

  • JeiSun

    … I have no words.

  • A guest but not really

    Fuck pitch fork as a staff, blog & as a motherfucking crew, you wanna be down with pitchfork ? Fuck you too ! Ryan ? Fuck you too ! Ian Cohen fuck you too. ! I’m bustin on all you bitches die slow mother fuckers die slow !

  • thedopeness

    Best lines:

    “If Ian Cohen dislikes Donald Glover so much he should handle it like a man and challenge him to a back alley fist fight”

    “I feel like their whole appeal is based on sometimes throwing in wild curve balls like, “oh, you thought we would like this? nope, we don’t like it. we FUCKING HATE IT.””

    yeah, P4K’s going for attention. To whoever mention that wayne line though, that’s actually a decent line and I’m no lil wayne fan. It’s something about g’s moving silently like lasagna because the “g” is silent. Not very relevant, just thought I’d mention it.

  • NiggasWithOCD

    WHAT THE FUCK?! Fuck pitchfork, never reading any of their review ever again! FUCK THESE BACKPACKERS!

  • Buddy Blank

    You know, part of why they gave it such a low score might be because his fans get so heated about him. When an artist has fans as quick to defend as Gambino’s, why not slam it with a 1 to get publicity? I mean, just look at some of you guys.

    Like I’ve said in other comments on posts, I liked the album, but I definitely agree with a lot of the problems Pitchfork had with it.

  • João

    They gave Chiddy Bang’s “Peanut Butter and Swelly” a 2.1, I mean, someone is not hearing ok there.

  • Mac

    camp was a 8 ,7 atleast ian cohen can svck one

  • jay

    I would kinda disagree with the retaliation argument here – Pitchfork are still riding Odd Future’s collective dick despite their whole attitude towards the website (see Tyler’s line about hipsters and stabbing), and this doesn’t even stop at hip hop – other artists from other genres criticise P4k, to my (admittedly limited) knowledge I haven’t seen a retaliation from P4k against a criticism, they tend to lash out before others can.

    Also, 1.6 is just a number. They’re consistently inconsistent with which scores achieve Best New Music. You can’t expect anybody to have a steadfast rule/formula for how they make these numbers, and the different contributors are different people after all (NB Take Care was reviewed by someone different, Ryan Dombal, so it’d be good to keep that in mind).

    I personally believe the score isn’t too out of order. Pitchfork nearly always ensure album reviews cross over and review the artist simultaneously. And the fact is Childish Gambino is indeed a mix of the many artists mentioned before, most notably Kanye, which would be nice if we could see some progression from that and taking this somewhere new. A$AP Rocky is similar – he is a mix of so many other artists, but he takes it somewhere new. Gambino adding in his enthusiasm/energy/passion would be great were we not in an era of hip-hop where we have so many artists with SO much more hunger and who really exhibit themselves.

    I enjoyed the album, but it was just enjoyment. I felt nothing new had been brought to the table. They’re fun tracks, but criticising P4k because they want substance as opposed to aesthetically pleasing music? Nah, I can’t see how you could do that.

  • JiggyBadAss

    You Guys Are Hilarious But Spoke The Truth. After Going To Pitchfork And Reading The Review I Had The Strong Desire To Go And Kick That Bastard In His Fucking Face Then Light His Bitch Ass On Fire! I Actually LOVED Camp. That probably was due to how extremely relateable it was to me being a kid who went to white high schools where the whites teased me saying that they were more black than me and then attending not one but TWO private universities one have a total of 108 black students and the later only boasting 58. Either way I think it was the perfect mix of token black rhymes and playful comedy. It both made me thing DAMN THIS NIGGA COLD and Oh Shit I’m Not The Only One. I’m not gonna say it’s the best album ever but a 1.6? Really? THEY CAN SUCK A DICK AND CHOKE ON IT!

  • Harris

    First off, this post was amazing.
    Secondly, if Lil B’s BASEDGOD VELI is a 7.8 then camp is a 900, so clearly Ian Cohen is just plain stupid. CAMP is great for a debut album and Donald brings a personal level to his songs that most rappers can’t do. If I were CG i;d be happier with a 0 than a 1.6

    and @confusion I literally laughed out loud when you wrote the note about how you sometimes say “LOLOL”

  • Maisley

    I’m on Pitchfork’s side.. maybe not a 1.6 but it’s definitely somewhere between a 2 and 4.5

  • Jack

    These are two quotes from CG that I think sum up what he’s trying to get across:

    “My fear is dead
    Ambition drove the hearse
    But niggas got me feelin’ I ain’t black enough to go to church
    Culture shock at barber shops cause I ain’t hood enough
    We all look the same to the cops, ain’t that good enough?
    The black experience is blackened, serious
    Cause being black, my experience, is no one hearin’ us
    White kids get to wear whatever hat they want
    When it comes to black kids one size fits all”

    “I’m a role model, I am not these other guys
    I rap about my dick and talk about what girls is fly
    I know it’s dumb, that’s the fucking reason I’m doing it
    So why does everyone have a problem with talking stupid shit?
    Or is it real shit?
    ‘Cause sometimes that stupid shit is real shit”

    The story at the end of “Power” is pretty unique as well. I’ve never heard that on an album before.

    I understand that CAMP wasn’t as high class as the Drake and Kanye releases of the year, but this guy is just starting out, and throughout the album he works with some new unique styles that I think will continue to get better as he refines them with each release.

    I can totally picture Ian Cohen sitting there frowning while listening to CAMP, and angrily scribbling down all the dick jokes and one-liners. If you’re that biased and closed-minded from the first spin, you’re guaranteed to hate it.

  • larl

    @confusion i say LOLOL on occasion as well. There’s just something about it.

    and didn’t pitchfork (didn’t even realize what “P4K” was until halfway thru…whoops. Does that make me a 1.4?) realize they totally played into CG’s trap? They would have made more of a point by giving him a decent score just to show him up. at least, that’s how i would have played it.

  • Emma

    Wow! I took a double take on that one. I love Camp! Childish Gambino is an awesome guy too. I found a great interview with him:

  • Jhameel

    @Emma that interview gave me some good perspective, i respect him a lot more now.

  • Antoine

    Isn’t 52 (now 53) comments a all-time record for P&P?
    I really love you guys!

  • Confusion

    Haha yah 53 is wayyy up there. Might be the most besides contests, for which we essentially bribe people for comments by giving away gifts.

  • CK

    Full disclosure: I may be the biggest CG fan on this thread and I loved every aspect of Camp. Camp is one of my favorite albums of the year.

    I’m wholly unsurprised Camp received the score it did. Why? Because CG insulted Pitchfork, so they needed to protect their necks. In case anyone wasn’t aware, Pitchfork doesn’t truly rate the music based on quality, this is how it works:

    If I got together with my cousin and we’re both mysterious white dudes with long hair who wear masks and play slow, ethereal music consisting entirely of bells, Pitchfork would give us an 8.something or higher. As soon as we seemed to be accepted by something or someone related to the mainstream, the next thing we released would get a 3.something or lower. And if you actually insult Pitchfork in a song? Oh my god, you won’t get higher than a 1.something. So, all things considered, 1.6 is a pretty high score on a monkey pissing in it’s own mouth (which is the “review” they gave a Jet album)-1.9 scale. Pitchfork was actually complimenting the album, believe it or not. To explain why artists like Drake and Kanye (with MBDTF) get such high scores sometimes, Pitchfork also likes to try to do the exact opposite of what people expect them to do.

    To branch away from Pitchfork to the actual album, I truly and wholly loved it, but I can definitely see why some people didn’t. CG uses some punchlines and I usually hate the punchlines Drake/Lil Wayne use, but I love CG’s hashtag rap punchlines. Why? Because they’re actually clever and have a variety of meanings. Instead of Lil Wayne going “I’m going to the grocery store; buyin’ food.”, CG says something like “Gambino is a call girl; fuck you, pay me,” which could have 4-5 different meanings/references depending on how you interpret it. On top of that, I feel that every aspect of the album is well done. The instrumental orchestra feeling combined with the chorus singing behind him makes Camp feel epic and intensely personal at the same time. CG shows fantastic lyricism. The flow is good, the beats are good, the original samples are good too. It’s just an all-around solid album. The progression from song to song and the themes running throughout the album also bring about a great sense of cohesiveness. CG has the ability to switch from angry fast-rapping about how many bitches he’s going to fuck with his huge dick to the trials and tribulations of being a black kid in an all-white middle school within a few lines. I can’t think of another rapper who can do that.

    Also, you can compare CG to any other rapper you want to, but that shouldn’t be a reason for criticism of Camp because that is something YOU’RE putting on him. If you wanna say CG sounds like Kanye, cool, I get the comparison, but there are also a million ways he’s NOT like Kanye. Same goes for Lil Wayne, Drake, etc. And to call him merely the combination of a bunch of artists who have come before him is quite frankly insulting to all of the work he’s put into his music. It’s also an argument that doesn’t go anywhere: every musical artist is a combination of musical artists before them. That’s inevitable.

    PS: Sorry if this reads disjointed, I thought about this for a few days and composed this comment at different times.

    PPS: Did the “real” Jhameel comment on this thread? That’s frickin’ awesome.

  • Michael Cardigan

    This article and the thoughtful comments are among the many resons I lurk this site. Thank you

  • austin

    this is why no one likes fucking hipsters. i like indie music (although some of it makes no sense and sounds like crap) and everything so this isnt a diss on the genre or anything like that. im just so pissed that some dickhead had the nerve to give someone like CG a 1.6. seriously. i agree with confusion. they gave it a bad review because people were expecting them to like and to contradict this they gave it a horrible score. thats like that kid you grew up with that contradicted you no matter what even if it went against what he likes or wants.

  • Seul

    Maaan Fuck these Backpackers track 7

  • MilesTeg

    I really disagree with you guys.

    Yeah, Pitchfork sucks, but so does Camp. Donald Glover’s voice is the most irritating thing ever, and half of his lyrics are lame-ass dick punchlines.

    Also, “weird” or “alt” rap has been around since A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and Kool Keith. The idea that Donald is forging new territory with his subject matter is totally false. And even if he IS saying something new about race, it’s delivered so horribly, who cares?

    I’m willing to bet most of the people who love Camp have an iTunes that’s 75% rock. And that if Donald Glover wasn’t famous, you wouldn’t be listening to his music.

    But I will give Mr. Glover credit on two fronts: 1) He’s a talented writer so on paper some of his rhymes are good. And 2) he’s smart enough to use his fame to convince bandwagon hipsters to give him money.

    Oh, and just so you don’t get it twisted, Pitchfork sucks ass when it comes to hip hop. They review maybe 25% of new hip hop albums, and report on Odd Future, Lil B’ and Young Money every time they fart. Their rap reviews have been a joke for years, but they’re not wrong that “Camp” sucks. They’re just not.

  • Liz

    So glad yall addressed this, I couldnt effin believe it when I read this review, what spiteful jerks.

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  • GOAT

    That review talks a lot about how CG seems deluded, but since when was delusion a bad thing in hip-hop?

  • kancouver

    so pitchforks new review of mac millers album just fully confirms any thoughts of them writing reviews to project an image. i don’t think this issue should even be discussed in regards to p4k any more, we’re just giving them what they want

  • Pingback: childish gambino review camp | Ennui()

  • Ge Oh

    I dont know if ayone else covered this in the comment section, but Ian Cohen has given this rating before; He gave The Airborne Toxic Event a 1.6 for their last album, which caused the frontman to write an open letter to him. maybe a 1.6 is a secret rating he gives albums that he likes but doesn’t want to look like a “follower”, so he settles looking like a gigantic pretentous tool (also reffered to as an uberhipster or a cunt).

    By the way, I LOVE this site. I found many a great artist on this site, and i really dig the redesign.

  • Confusion

    Thank you Ge Oh! And I hadn’t seen that about the reviews, thanks for the info

  • CK

    @MilesTeg: You’re entitled to your own opinion of course, but I’d like to clear up a few things you’re incorrect about:

    Hey, if you think Camp sucks, that’s your opinion. But realize that blaming Childish Gambino for his voice is ludicrous. If you don’t like his voice, fine, but that’s not something he controls. Everyone is born with a certain voice (just like everyone is born looking a certain way, with a certain race and sexual orientation). It’s not like CG developed an annoying voice on purpose, so to criticize him for that is unfair. And “half” of his rhymes aren’t lame-ass dick punchlines. Fact. He actually has much deeper lyrics, if you’d take the time to delve into them. I don’t think CG is trying to claim he’s inventing a new genre of rap, he’s merely trying to help some of the black kids who may be going through similar things that he went through, being in all-white and/or rich neighborhoods and schools. There’s nothing wrong with trying to help our fellow man through music; in fact, shouldn’t this be the purpose of music?

    This is a classic insult against Childish Gambino fans: “Oh, well, all the CG fans love Rock anyway, so they’re not TRUE rap/hip fans or hip hop heads.” I can assure you that I am a “true” hip hop fan/head and have been listening to all sorts of hip hop for years. I can cite you my hip hop “credentials” if you need me to, but regardless, my iTunes library isn’t “75% rock.” I don’t see what the problem with listening to a lot of rock would be anyways. Isn’t P&P itself based on a multitude of different types of music? And most CG fans started listening to him way before he was remotely famous (he’s still not really famous FYI), no need to attack us personally. CG gets bandwagon hipsters to give him money through his fame???? What about Pitchfork??? They’re the patron saint of bandwagon hipsters. That just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Stef

    @MilesTeg Ha, i have more hip-hop in my iTunes library than you listen to 3 months. I have maybe 7 rock albums. I’ve been listening and dissecting hip-hop/rap for about 16 years now, and Childish Gambino is a breath of fresh air. This is coming from a guy who loves old Eminem, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang, Company Flow, Das Racist(to get modern on ya), and Kanye. As CK said, Pitchfork is the pinnacle of hipster.

    @CK you, sir, are a genius. and saved me from typing a long reply.

  • MilesTeg

    @CK Sorry, but calling somebody’s opinion “incorrect” doesn’t make it so.

    1. I don’t care if Donald Glover can or can’t control his rapping voice. You don’t get a free pass b/c your flow sucks. You just don’t. And it’s not “unfair” to criticize a rapper for his voice and/or flow. I mean, if you like off-brand per-pubescent poor man’s Wayne/Kanye hashtag rap, great. I don’t. It’s a valid opinion.

    2. There are WAY too many lame dick punchlines on his album. And guess what? I don’t find anything he says”deep”. On the contrary, his “deep” songs are about as subtle as a sledgehammer (or, say, a music video with a lynching). Everything CG is trying to do, is done and has been done better by literally hundreds of other rappers. It’s a valid opinion.

    3. I don’t care what you listen to. I said I’m willing to bet that MOST Chidlish Gambino fans listen to 75% rock. Because I don’t understand how they could be so blown away by something so mundane. Maybe you don’t fit in that box. So what? Do you want a cookie?

    4. DG is absolutely using his fame to do things he wouldn’t be able to do otherwise – like release rap albums. And hey, good for him. I’d do the same. I just think that if he wasn’t a TV star, there wouldn’t be a “Camp.” That’s all. It’s a valid opinion.

    5. The definition of hipster is not “someone who reads” There are hipsters who do not visit a specific website, or agree with that website all the time. There are also people that read Pitchfork that are NOT hipsters. Maybe you’re a hipster, maybe you’re not. I think Childish Gambino is hipster rap. It’s a valid opinion.

    @Stef No, you don’t. Also, you think a “genius” is someone who responds to someone’s comments on the Internet? Way to lower the bar on “genius.” Maybe you should spend less time listening to your iTunes library.

  • dsee

    I was a fan of gambinos but i really felt the album was no good. He has his moments (who doesn’t) but i really expected a lot more from his album. He trys a little too hard and i often feel like hes doing and saying what he feels like he should as opposed to just feeling it. That said giving him a 1.6 is a bit rude. Not anyone can put together an album…he deserves some effort points. Not many rappers of the last decade are not inspired by ye and i cant knock him for that.

  • Gregory

    @MilesTeg, have you listened to the last verse of “You See Me”? I think it (the whole track, actually) truly shows how good CG’s flow can be. Who are some rappers with flow you enjoy? Who are some rappers you think are doing really creative, original stuff?

  • Devin

    there’s just nothing really cool or original about him….prime examples: ass to mouth line…human centepede//crazy asian..virginia tech//ppl who like CG like those lines, i can see dudes just laughing, mimicing those lines…also i see the conversations behind his followers..”yeah thats the guy from community, he got his name from a wu tang clan name generator”..a 1.6 is harsh, but i see it as a music fan (hip hop) more into mf dooms best work or ghostface’s..not this kid/actor who can pluck overused snare drum beats and spit predictable hashtagisms..also the fact he thinks theres no room for a rapper like himself in the game, im not sure what hes exposed to, but the days of the lox and dmx are far behind us, it would be like a white rapper saying theres no room for a white perspective

  • Ethos

    Can we also point out that p4k review of Take Care is a joke. 8.6? To summon my best Big Ghost impression, the reviewer basically ejaculated all over his keyboard with the very baby lotion that is secreted from Drake’s vagina, nahmean? He compares Drake’s “fast” flow on HYFR to Busta Rhymes? Are you kidding me? Sure its not as fast or as good, but yeh otherwise its basically Busta Rhymes caliber. They praise Drake for calling out other rappers as copycats even though Drake admits he took the “hashtag” style (or what I like to call the “pause-line”) from Big Sean. Let’s examine this quote: “where behind-the-scenes sagas mix with what’s on screen and on record, creating an ever-morphing, ever-more-self-aware new normal.” And of course tv actor turned rapper Drake embodies this to a tee. But tv actor turned rapper Donald Glover, he has “constructed a false outsider persona.”

    Just to be clear, I am not a Drake hater. I usually find myself defending him to my other hip hop loving friends. I saw Drake live a few years ago right before Thank Me Later dropped and he put on a great show. He did a long set and spent a lot of time working the crowd. I really like Comeback Season. Room for Improvement, and Say What’s Real is an amazing song. I think 4+ songs on Thank Me Later are really good and most of the album is decent.

    Take Care was supposedly going to be the album for what Drake fans had been missing. Instead he chose to go completely in the poppy Young Money direction he has been going, which is of course why the Phonte feature didn’t fit. That is his choice and I am certainly not surprised or offended.

    Being a fan of both Drake and CG, I was much more disappointed with Take Care (completely) than I was with CAMP (slightly).

  • span89

    All this Pitchfork hate is funny, because I think Pitchfork is right more times than they are wrong. As time goes on, I believe it more and more.

    YES, Pitchfork was terrible at one point. But they’ve come a long way and strayed far away from what CK was saying about “being mysterious/playing bells/receiving 8+”. If you’re even paying attention, Pitchfork didn’t give most of the more obscure albums this past year the BNM title. It’s funny that you cite Jet. That was written 4 years ago; move on. And is it so hard to believe that Drake/’Ye are actually loved by these folks? MBDTF was on many year-end lists, so I doubt they were making it up. And Drake + The Weeknd put out some of my favorite music this year.

    Concerning the topic at hand: Childish Gambino’s “CAMP”. I do think it deserved higher than a 1.6, sure! But I probably won’t be putting it on anytime soon. And it’s because I do agree with Ian Cohen in saying that he’s self-obsessed and not aware of the world around him. The realm of hipsterdom has changed plenty over the past few years and I guess he’s been living under a rock, so when I hear some of the things he raps about, it makes me cringe. It makes it incredibly hard to approach his music or take him seriously.

    I realize that some of the background information regarding a record shouldn’t sway your opinion on it too much (like how folks still talk about Justin Vernon writing that first Bon Iver record in the woods) but it’s unevitable. What’s worse is when someone like Donald Glover actually puts a lot of that background shit into his lyrical content. Cause then it’s unavoidable and results in others feeling like the music is shit.

    As an endnote, I do realize that I’m defending Pitchfork by posting up this comment. But I’m getting the vibe that some of you think they’re bullshitting and not being honest about what they’re writing, which I think is incredibly wrong. They totally mean what they’re saying- it’s an opinion dammit- wrap that around your heads.

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  • Editor

    I cant believe that rating can be justified by any means. Stop trying to dissect the guys material word for word which other rapper is held to that standard. In any regards to who much is given much is expected. Stop wasting the medium by nitpicking.

  • Olu

    I actually liked CAMP as a first album from someone who didn’t start out as a rapper. With that said, if you’re gonna judge CG based on his “lame” punchlines…. Go back and listen to Carter IV.

  • h

    You guys are missing the point. The 1.6 was probably the wrong number-it was there to make a statement, but not one about pitchfork’s artsiness, one about the falseness of childish gambinos whole persona. This is a guy who presents himself as an outsider who’s hated on for not being gangsta enough when there isn’t much gangsta rap even still on the radio and most popular rappers are quirky like he is. I actually thought pitchfork was making a very relevant, salient point and while Ian Cohen can be a dick sometimes, I really thought this review was excellent

  • Confusion

    You’ve got a point h, and Pitchfork has a point too, but I don’t think peoples’ art should be a tool to make a point. If you’re going to give an album a 1.6 out of 10, I think it should be something that is worthless, offensive to the ears, and harmful to the public.

    And also, I think a lot of Gambino’s presentation of himself is more a statement about race and his experience than it is about just being a rapper. There are plenty of quirky rappers, but not many that talk about race in this context. I’m not saying it’s the best album of the year, but I believe giving him a 1.6 was a dick move, especially considering that a lot of people are still making up their minds about him.

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  • Oddoboy

    This album deserves better than a 1.6 because most of the songs are pretty good. I was a skeptic at first, but I have listened to the album a few times now and it has easily grown on me. CG may need a few years to develop, but for the amount of time he really has been working on the rap game, he’s bringing something fresh to the table.
    Camp is easily an underrated album

  • Gregory

    Hey everyone, guess what album just got voted #1 Most Underrated and #18 Best Overall by Pitchfork’s readers?

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  • smash

    they don’t like it? So what? Can’t please everyone.

  • DC

    I love both albums but I don’t get how they gave Tyler the Creator’s album an 8.0 an Camp 1.6. The main reason being that Tyler’s album is full of immature lyrics which seemed to be the main critisism of CAMP and yet according to them its 8 time better?

  • Zargon

    I agree with most of you. I’m not going to debate whether Pitchfork’s entire writing staff is full of uppity douchebag hipster doofus’ asshole dickheads who think they’re the cat’s pajamas when it comes to music. I will say though, that for the most part when it comes to reviewing rap and hiphop Pitchfork doesn’t know what in the hell they are doing. I could never get into MacMiller, I personally don’t like him but Pitchfork gave him a 1 out of 10 when he clearly deserves a 5 out of 10 at least. That’s just an example. Or giving Squadda B a 7.0 and then Common only getting a 7.6 suggesting the only difference in artistic creativity between the terrible Squadda B and the amazing Common is only a .6??!?!?!?

  • Matt

    While I did like Childish Gambino previous mixtape, the album feels a bit underwhelming compared to the songs the released on EP (?)

    but it doesn’t deserve a 1.6 lol

  • Wanker

    I disagree.

    Camp was a huge disappointment for me. I discovered Childish Gambino early last year, right after his first “I AM JUST A RAPPER” mixtape came out. At first glance, Donald Glover seemed to be a funny guy; his work with Community and 30 Rock more than justify this notion. His music however was not so enjoyable, at least with the first three mixtapes he released.

    And then Childish Gambino released his rework of Jamie XX’s remix of Adelle’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

    And then Childish Gambino made his self titled EP, along with the Track “Freaks And Geeks.”

    Holy shit! Where did this come from? Gambino went from shitty verses over popular indie songs (without even making them into beats, mind you. Rapping over Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste singing “Two Weeks” made me cringe) to ok verses over shitty beats that he made in his apartment (on what sounded like a mid-2000’s yamaha Keyboard, with whatever setting sounded more medieval. Seriously. Cul-De-Sac sucked) to creating these Awesome-As-Fuck verses over polished beats.

    Where the fuck did that come from? “Freaks and Geeks” was such a breath of fresh air after 2011’s OFWGKTA revolution that I showed everyone I know who this geeky white-boy-but-black rapper was. I didn’t care that his whole “I don’t fit into the rap game because my parents brought me up right and I’m not thug” had already been done on Kanye West’s “The College Dropout.” I didn’t care about his overly nasally voice, his chauvinistic quips or his obvious attentiveness to lil’ Wayne’s style (I mean come on, he either sounds like Weezy or Yeezy, and he didn’t do that without meaning to). I fucking loved it. I ate him up. I watched Community, and memorized his words and rhymes on his s/t EP.

    But then the man had to drop “Camp.”

    Jesus Christ, you’d think that after he had gone so far to make his music enjoyable, he’d continue in the same direction. His Tumblr was the hottest thing on Tumblr! He was on Jimmy Kimmel like every night! He got a record deal! His dreams were finally coming true, and then he goes and releases fucking “Camp.”

    “Camp” is like Cul-De-Sac part 2, but with sloppier production and devastatingly bad lyrics. He tried SOOOO goddamn hard to be Kanye by taking the reins of his production. He made shitty beats, sang shitty songs with his obnoxious shitty voice, and rapped shitty verses that only made him sound like a crybaby shit head.

    And then I stopped caring. Maybe when Gambino comes back to absolute savagery of his s/t release, I will start to give a damn about him again. When he stops complaining about not finding love because he’s too rich to find “Real girls,” when he stops complaining about how he’s such an outsider in a gangster’s music scene (that is currently being ran by two people JUST LIKE GAMBINO in their upbringing, Kanye West and Drake), and stops singing with his off key out of tune voice, I’ll start to think that the man has some credibility.

    But after a performance like he showed us in “Camp?” An album that sounded like a 16 year old in multimedia class came up with on his garageband set-up?

    No. Just…. No.

    And to the people claiming that Pitchfork rated this album low because of his Pitchfork diss: Need I remind you of Tyler the Creator’s hit single “Yonkers?”

    “….What’s this, another critic writing reports? I’m stabbing every blogging faggot hipsters with a Pitchfork.”

    Tyler directly attacked music critics, hipsters, and bloggers a like.

    What is Pitchfork’s main audience? Who are the people who run Pitchfork?

    Blogging faggot hipsters.

  • furiar45

    Ian cohen from Bitchfork is F****** Weasel snatch.

  • Joshua Bull

    Definitely the best article I’ve ever read on any subject. CG’s got a long way to go but he’s definitely a talent.

  • Anonymouse

    Obviously they’re deaf & dumb:

    Lil B =garbage
    Childish Gambino = Unique & innovative

    Yea, im out
    Anonymouse(with an e, yea)

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  • A.J. Crew

    Not really sure how Pitchfork rates reviews… but yeah, there’s definitely way more than just a panned review here. This is like straight up HATRED for the man.

    Also, another Top 3 P&P feature of mine.

  • dabble

    Remember this


    Even if your a deaf hipster I think we can all agree Mumford and Sons make some catchy music.

  • Fuck No

    This dude and this album suck throbbing, syphilitic, whale dong. He’s a herb and shouldn’t be rapping. This is rap:

  • plum

    that mumford and suns review is ridiculous!

  • busstophustle

    Very solid assessment of their review. I think it’s unfortunate considering that Pitchfork could’ve really helped CG’s stock with a decent, well thought-out review. He’s not the best rapper in the world but he’s doing something unique in a genre that often plays follow the leader. While the album wasn’t perfect, it certainly wasn’t a 1.6. I commend you guys on speaking out.

  • Andrew

    pitchfork was right. Camp is terrible and Lil B said more about race in one song on the rightfully 7.8 Basedgod Velli (King Cotton) than CG has said in his whole career.

  • Brandon

    1st of Lil B is the worst rapper alive he has no substance I felt embarrsed as a human being when I listend to him the 1st time Childish Gambino is an amazing rapper that can rap circles around Wiz Quiefa and ASAP Rocky. This review just shows the detieration of hip hop today and how 95% of new hip hop blows. How about you shut the radio off and 106 and park and think about your life. This album is at least a 8 for all those who think otherwise you should listen to some Tribe or Pharcyde, Lil Brother, Public Enemy ,Nas

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  • Jason Adolf

    I found this thread by trying to figure out why Ian Cohen trashed the new James Iha record by comparing it to Pains of Being Pure at Heart. He analyzes lyrics (but mis interprets them) and generally seems like a very sour hipster. It is NOT a perfect record, but I think it is a very good record. If you didn’t like Iha’s voice before, guess what? You still aren’t going to like it. Ridiculous review. Pitchfork really is giving off so much negative energy these days. sad.

  • Conál Tutin

    I wonder if any of you have changed your mind on bino?

  • Xtro718

    Who takes pitchfork reviews seriously anyway?

  • Kevin Max

    Reading those comments, I’m thinking the same thing

  • John Wheelwright

    whatever yo . . pitchfork pisses you off in the way you should be . . and they have the best taste of any existing site . . i don’t have an opinion on dg cause he’s not for me . . but sounds like they got in ya’ll ass . . long live fork.

  • John Wheelwright

    and also i’d like to add, is that most people gettin shook over this review . . are people who make sub-par music like i used too and are afraid of some one like pitchfork tearing them a new one . . personally i found my dark dark power and am better now.

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