Titus Andronicus – “In My Place (Coldplay Cover)”


If you’re unfamiliar with Titus Andronicus, they’re one of the few punk rock bands I’ve gotten really into, due entirely to their fantastic 2010 album, The Monitor. The New Jersey outfit just released two new covers through Twitter. Streaming below is their cover of Coldplay‘s “In My Place,” and it’s weird. In typical punk style it’s got a very DIY and unfinished air to it, but they opt to keep the unfailingly pretty and melancholic driving riff of the original in place. And even though at points they sound like they’re doing this ironically, the emotion does start to come through by the end of the song. Needless to say, this is a strange cover. If you liked the original you probably won’t like this. They also released a cover of Springsteen’s “Glory Days,” which you can listen to here.

Titus Andronicus – In My Place (Coldplay) by titusandronicustheband

  • G

    This might be the worst thing ever put on this site.

  • http://darthwookius.tumblr.com Badgerboy

    I love those guys. So raw and unfiltered. The Glory Days cover might have been a better post since they are like a springsteen revival (albeit without sounding much like him). Good find though Mr. Midas.

  • http://pigeonsandplanes.com/ Midas

    you’re definitely right, but they didn’t make that one available for embed so i was stuck with the coldplay one

  • Anon

    I’ve been using this site for a while now and I’ve never commented on anything, but this is literally the biggest load of horse shit I’ve ever seen/heard. I can’t believe this exists and people listen to it. This is why music sucks nowadays. Everyone thinks they have talent, and I’m all for freedom of expression but when peeps do stupid ass shit like this and then put it out into the public well then….. Yes this is creative, but theres absolutely NO talent whatsoever in this. honestly i hate these guys if you haven’t caught on yet haha. FUCK EM!

  • http://pigeonsandplanes.com/ Midas

    this is a very bad introduction to the band if you’ve never listened to them before, but Titus Andronicus are talented as fuck, extremely ambitious ambitious and certainly have nothing to do with “why music sucks today.”


    Check out that song, or listen to all of The Monitor before you make a judgment call on the band. This cover is half-assed and a really deliberate way of doing a cover but they’ve definitely earned the right to do that sort of thing based on their past work.

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